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    Hi all, I just finished my first legendary campaign as Yuan Shao in records mode and I would like to share some of my thoughts. Took me about 60 hours to finish the campaign. As a life long fan of the three kingdom novel (I'm ethnic Chinese), I was most enthusiastic about seeing my favourite characters in action and this post will mostly be character related.

    Character recruitment was definitely the best fun for me. However, there were a lot of disappointments with many notable characters been generics, such as Diao Chan, Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, who were renowned for their beauties. The lack of uniqueness gives rise to the issue of notable characters getting killed left and right by AIs upon losing a battle, where other inbuilt unique characters are more likely to survive.

    Another feature that I enjoyed was the governmental system. However, I personally feel that this feature needs many improvements.

    Starting with the governmental system itself. It is encouraging to have a character in governmental positions (excluding administrators) be able to trigger a civil war if they have low satisfaction. However, I think such a scenario is extremely unlikely, on the simple bases that we could rotate them out of their positions at any time, with little consequences (reduce satisfaction).

    What we need here is a better relationship registering system (guanxi). In this case, if a character is in good relation with another, then the demotion of him/her should greatly affect the satisfaction of his/her allies and also foes. Meaning, the player would need to be more mindful when dealing with character promotion and demotion because it could cause a chain reaction down the ranks.
    I feel the guanxi system is not as near as polished and complex as it should be and thus falls short of reaching its potential. For instance, marriage couples are registered as friends and for none family members, we can't even tell who is related to what. I feel this is a huge miss of opportunity for characters to envelop your empire with factions that competes for power and favours from the ruling family.
    Because the guanxi system atm is crude as it is, the importance of appointing the right character to the supposing important governmental roles is redundant. Plus, governmental roles provides no personal perks and the effect it produces is not dependent on character traits, unlike all other faction positions, thus making the governmental positions very underwhelming.
    Regarding administration, I feel the system is very unbalanced, the perk of having an administrator is simply too great. I would very much like to see administration nerfed and at the same while, have their numbers increased. I would also settle for administrators to be able to administrate on a region bases over a province.

    The last point regarding characters is the ranking/title system. As good as might they look and sound, those ranking/titles ought to have more fulfilling purposes other than feeding satisfaction. During my playthrough, I have used them very few times and only at the beginning. Once my faction leader and heir gained enough authority, I never touched them again.

    Nevertheless, I have enjoyed playing 3k immensely. For me, character development has always been the number one factor dictating my enjoyment of the game. Rome 1 and Medieval 2 were my favourite games of all times because they had the character progression for generic characters unrivalled by others. 3k is good but it was not enough to bring back the magical enchantment of R1 and M2 where I genuinely cared my characters. My caring for 3k characters was solely generated out of my obsession with the novel.

    I am aware that we have only seen half of 3k as of now (thanks CA) yet, I am very much looking forward to the modding community to perfect the game one mod at the time. The Chinese modders have already begun to address the unique character issue I have mentioned above. Anyhow, thank you all so much for reading.

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    Good observations. I lile your ideas about fallout of demotion. I should lead to the possibility of instant defection.

    You could also make it that a civil war could be triggered based on a combination of character's fame (priority 1) and internal relationships (priority 2). Not neccessarily on their position at that moment. Promotion to high ranks increases their fame which cannot be reduced except through battle losses.

    I also am surprised that there are no differences in benefit between characters in high ranking positions. Why would they do it for administrators but not the higher levels? Feels a little shallow at those levels and meaningless positions.

    I think that you should not get the administrator benefits if you choose to also make that character a general and leave the province. There should be more thoughtful consideration for who u make as administrator and who u make a general and send to far off lands.

    I like your idea about tracking character family connections. It would add quite a bit.

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