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Thread: Removing the "barrier" around generals in Romance mode

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    Icon4 Removing the "barrier" around generals in Romance mode

    I have went through Kv_Rules and many other tables trying to find out what the hell gives generals the weird "barrier" effect in Romance mode. The effect is essentially an invisible force that pushes allies and enemies away from the general at all times so that they can easily move through them. I have added bodyguards back to generals in Romance mode and reworked them to be balanced BUT its difficult to deal with the generals slipping through everything while their unit cant. In Records mode the barrier circle is not present and you can switch weapons on your general with no issues with animations.

    I would like to find the file that is responsible for applying this "barrier" to generals in Romance mode.

    I have checked "land_units" table, Main_units table, and I found some luck in composed entities table with changing the "hero" field to "lord" which eliminates the barrier but the problem with that is that if you switch weapons to something that requires a different animation on a general it messes up and reverts to the original designated animation. So you pretty much cant switch weapon classes (this is not an issue in records mode).

    If ANYONE can help I would be very thankful, the things we would probably need to look for are any files referencing how Records does things (I have not found anything on Records mode in the DB files).

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    Default Re: Removing the "barrier" around generals in Romance mode

    Has anyone found any info on how to change things in records mode? Is there a way to edit what features are available in Records?

    I think adding the stats from Romance to Records mode would be pretty cool and add a little more to it without making it too over the top.

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    Curious how the general AOE dmg skills work with bodyguards ?
    must be awkwarD?

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