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Thread: Mod Request - 4 Generals, 4 Retinues Each

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    Default Mod Request - 4 Generals, 4 Retinues Each

    I've been enjoying quite a bit of Three Kingdoms, but I can't help feeling like each army I build is missing something. Basically, any army aside from a cheese army (trebs and crossbows) seems to be at a disadvantage. And mixing retinues for a general is often much less effective than building a new army with the appropriate general and retinues. At the same time, any general stacked with 6 units of their buffed retinues seems like cheese, too. Since the army cap appears to be 21 = (1 + 6) x 3, is it possible to build a mod to change the setup to 4 Generals with 4 Retinues each, so 20 units = (1 + 4) x 4? This seems like a simple yet effective way to prevent some cheese and add more interesting army compositions. Thoughts? Anybody know to build that?

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    Default Re: Mod Request - 4 Generals, 4 Retinues Each

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    From what I've heard garrisons having a maximum of 2 retinues is hard coded, so my guess is that the retinue limit for armies is as well

    It would be nice if I'm wrong but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

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    There's some effort going in the mod workshop, ESF section, but we are all struggling trying to figure it out. This is one of the most requested mods but currently we've just hit a roadblock.

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