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Thread: Three Kingdoms - Patch Notes

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    Default Three Kingdoms - Patch Notes



    Ella McConnell
    June 13 2019

    This is the first major update for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, and includes a host of tweaks, improvements, and fixes to many areas of the game, both technical and gameplay related. We are continuing to work on key game improvements, such as the campaign map stutter issue, for future updates.


    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese


    This update is offered as an opt-in beta as we continue to work on further fixes and improvements, and includes the previous beta update changes (which can viewed here). To get the update, please follow these instructions:

    Right-click on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS in your Steam library
    Click Properties and click the Betas tab
    In the drop-down menu, select the Update_beta option
    Close the window and your build will automatically update


    This update addresses a number of areas, many of which have been reported by players. Some major areas of focus include:

    Stability (reduced crashes)
    Many battle AI fixes and behavioural improvements
    Further tweaks to vassalisation rules in order to reduce Yuan Shao’s vassal dominance
    Improved tutorialisation
    Improved UI with key tooltips added (e.g. Food breakdown) and better UI scaling
    Babies are now more likely to be born from marriages
    UI scaling for ultrawide monitors now works correctly


    Faction death no longer reports a campaign victory achievement
    Execute Captives achievement now triggers correctly
    An Ambush That’s Sure achievement now triggers correctly and will not be awarded if the battle is delegated
    The Party of Five achievement is now correctly awarded when a character switches faction to join yours
    If You Can’t Die, Surrender achievement now triggers correctly
    The One Arrow, Two Hawks achievement can now be gained in MP campaign

    Units should not now play their combat idle animation before withdrawing their weapon
    Strategists now draw their swords at the appropriate time

    Hidden Axes ammo reduced from 10 to 5

    Hitpoints increased by 20% for the following units:
    Archery Masters
    Onyx Dragons
    Thunders of Jian’an
    Defenders of Earth
    Yi Marksmen

    Hitpoints increased by 10% for the following ranged units:
    Heavy crossbowmen
    Heavy repeating crossbowmen
    Fury of Beihai
    Mercenary archers
    Yi archers
    Men of the forest
    Watchmen of the peace

    Changed mass of medium infantry from 100 to 110
    Cavalry in general, including characters, deal less collision damage
    Sentinels with certain relationships could achieve over 100% Melee Evasion. Relationship effects have been re-balanced to avoid this
    Zhang Fei and Zhang Yang’s armour no longer grants fatigue immunity to their entire retinues, only themselves
    Improved He Yi and Huang Shao’s background trait effects to be more in line with their specialities and gameplay focuses
    Siege vehicles now correctly suffer AP damage

    Units in Turtle formation now drag out correctly
    Defending units now have Fire at Will enabled by default
    Trebuchets now correctly damage rams
    Trebuchets cannot now be damaged by standard arrows
    Elemental Vigor ability now correctly times out and resets while the general is in combat

    AI-controlled characters should no longer go idle in front of arrow towers
    In settlement battles, the defending AI will now target vulnerable missile units over the player’s generals
    AI armies awaiting reinforcements should now no longer stand idle under ranged fire
    AI reinforcements in resource battles should now engage the player’s army more effectively
    Attacking AI armies in siege without battering rams will now more readily commit to scaling the walls as well as exploiting breaches
    Extreme unit-size AI units now act more decisively when assaulting walls
    AI armies defending small settlements should no longer sit idle in the settlement while the player is outside, forcing a draw
    Ranged generals should now use their bows correctly and not hold up their battle group
    AI Trebuchets will now use flaming shot against infantry
    Improved AI trebuchet firing behaviour
    Archers on walls react more decisively to threats and are less likely to break position, particularly at the battle outset
    Improved AI performance and pathfinding on the Nanhai Rice Paddy map
    AI cavalry should now act more decisively and are less likely to break off while charging
    AI units are now less likely to deploy on top of one another
    AI Cavalry are now less likely to charge spearmen
    Independent AI unit groups will now act more decisively and exploit settlement entry points when under threat from enemy defences
    AI armies now better coordinates with reinforcements in their choice of settlement entry points
    Improved coordination between multiple units in the same AI unit group
    AI decision-making improved over whether to assault gates by hand

    Reduced instances of camera clipping with barricades and deep water
    Season flags now work correctly in farms
    Various map scenery improvements
    Fixed an issue where some dropped unit banners were not animating
    Fog reduction in Red Cliffs historical battle intro

    When a battle is paused in cinematic mode, the pause icon no longer displays (makes for much better for screenshots!)
    The term Battle Statistics in the unit details panel has been changed to Unit Stats for consistency
    In the custom battle lobby, the scroll window now updates to display available units when switching between different generals

    The emperor’s seat is now correctly moved when a capital is moved
    More animation variants will now trigger for delegated battles
    Harmony and Disharmony no longer affect characters who have not yet come of age
    AI Factions should now no longer declare emperorship as a result of the player moving their capital

    Lü Bu is now more expensive
    Babies are now more likely to be born from marriages
    Dong Zhuo’s Intimidation resource now decays more slowly
    Huang Shao and He Yi’s People in Power bonus are now applied correctly

    When Gong Du annexes Wudu Town settlement in turn 1, the Dong Zhuo abdication event will no longer automatically trigger
    Dong Zhuo will no longer declare himself emperor as a result of Liu Bei capturing his first Yellow Turban settlement
    Gongsun Zan’s Battling the Qiang Tribes dilemma has now been corrected to Wuhuan Tribes

    Clicking the zoom button on a dilemma involving a destroyed character or faction will no longer transition the camera to a blank, off-map area

    UI scaling for ultrawide monitors now works correctly
    Improved map seams along the Yellow River near Luoyang
    Commandery food total now has a tooltip detailing breakdown and modifiers
    Character satisfaction icons now work correctly
    Various typos, border-boundary lines, tooltip display and UI panel issues fixed
    The recruitment button now works correctly when all units in an army are at full capacity
    Soldier count in replenishing armies now updates correctly
    Defeat screen now displays the load game option
    Grudges are now displayed on spy candidates
    In the records panel, character levels will now display correctly
    Short Campaign Victory videos will no longer be played twice in campaign multiplayer when a Shared Mandate deal is in place

    High-ranking court positions for Yellow Turbans factions now correctly display their effect bundle bonuses
    Gongsun Zan’s Inspector positions no longer take up Administrator slots
    Dead characters are now greyed out in the records panel

    AI factions are less inclined to accept vassalage if they’ve recently been liberated by a vassal master
    AI factions are less likely to vassalise additional factions if they already have a large number of vassals
    Improved display of positive and negative attitude breakdowns
    Yuan Shu’s Demand Subservience option now works correctly
    Deal evaluation numbers for voters are now displayed when AI factions request to join a coalition
    Tooltips no longer obscure the faction list
    Factions should no longer request military support against factions you are already at war with
    Rejecting a Join War offer no longer puts you into a state of war with the target belligerent
    The player can now no longer accept a diplomacy deal offered during the end-turn round and minimise the panel to keep the deal in a suspended state
    Ink animations for signing deals now trigger correctly
    AI now more reliably issues ultimatums against the player
    In an alliance war where your allies have been destroyed, it is now possible to negotiate peace with the enemy alliance
    Diplomatic threats now display treachery and attitude-change predictions
    A cancel button has been added for quick deal
    Removed the phrase “and allies” which sometimes showed erroneously for faction rejections where no allies were involved
    Players can no longer extort single payments in small amounts in return for nothing until the target faction’s treasury is empty
    When any type of vassalage is proposed, offers and demands of autonomy now work as intended
    The cancellation of treaties can now generate new diplomatic consequences or treaties where it is relevant to do so
    Food output has been added as a criteria for AI factions when they evaluate a region, removing a food gameplay exploit
    Transitioning a coalition to a military alliance shortly after forming the coalition no longer incurs treachery

    Mid-distance trees now cast shadows correctly
    Attrition VFX now correctly adjust to face the camera
    Improved edge-blending between terrain and objects

    Spectators can now no longer meddle with duels in MP matches. Hands off!
    Improved MP battle lobby filtering
    Opposing AI armies and generals now visible to host in MP battles
    Element filter added for character classis in custom and MP battles

    24 individual crash scenarios have been found and fixed

    Fixed clash between Ma Teng and Gong Du starting positions, tutorials amended accordingly
    Loading a previous save now no longer breaks the tutorial
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