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Thread: VC Modifying Campaign Movement Speed

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    Default VC Modifying Campaign Movement Speed

    I'm trying to modify the campaign movement speed of Restless Dead for Vald and the other VC Lords. However, it doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone help?



    I found




    and sent this to say, 100%. I also tried to change it to 200%, but it still had no impact after loading the game. I choose these large numbers to be able to see an obvious difference.

    My other thoughts were:
    1. Well this is for AGENT, is there one for LORD? ie: Vald?

    However, on Vald's tooltip, it does say the correct % (either 100 or 200).

    I couldn't find anything specifically for Vald by manually scrolling through, which brings me to the next question:

    Is there a way to search these tables with wild cards in the Pack Editor?
    ie: searching for "*movement*" doesn't return anything.

    2. Is there a cap to movement speed perhaps?


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    Default Re: VC Modifying Campaign Movement Speed

    After, I realized that I need to do a bit more testing/get more info - I have an agent in my army and other units.

    Where can I find out how Lord movement range is affected by units within the army? ie: does artillery modify it? I believe Agents do.

    Any additionally help will be helpful.

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    Default Re: VC Modifying Campaign Movement Speed

    Sorry for triple posting!

    I have answers.

    What I had to do was unfortunately modify each unit's movement. ie: in "land_units_table" change "campaign_action_points" from 2100 to say 2400 AND remove my hero from the army. This feels like the % bonuses from "wh_main_effect_agent_movement_range_mod" is not working. I saw no change, even after end turn, until I modified the base movement points of the actual unit.

    There is also no way to modify a Hero's movement - even by modifying their "campaign_action_points" and "move_points" in the "agents_table".

    Or at least for me, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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