Unreal Total War: Italian Wars
Where things get unreal.

Unreal Total War is a mod series spanning Rome to Attila. These mods radically change much of how the gameplay feels and functions. The most important and first part of the Unreal package is battles. Next is the campaign.

The Features

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- Armour makes sense now as heavily armored troops (30 armor value or above is heavy) can't be killed easily unless with the use of guns, crossbows, or weapons such as maces and axes. Armour also informs morale. Heavily armored units get +1 morale for every 10 armor beyond 30 armor value.

- Morale is everything, not just for routs. Morale now informs def skill, charge bonus, attack, etc. Def skill is just morale, with a -3 for low, +3 disciplined, and a +5 for impetuous. Same goes for the rest of the stats, sine the values being the same as the morale. They also inform missile damage now.

- Speed of inf depends on armor, so heavy units are slower while lighter units are fast. Speed for cav is dependent on the mount. The cap is 1.4 for all units.

- Unit sizes are dependent on many factors. Armour, morale, and weaponry, especially for ranged weapons.

- Mount effects are more dynamic. Light cav do poorly against other cav, heavy cav stand a better chance, but both get crushed by elephants. Spearmen bonus vs cav scales with their spear_bonus_x in their stat_pri_attr. It's always half. Units with shorter weapons get maluses vs cav, such as axes and maces, and inf in generally is weak towards elephants, unless it's a phalanx unit. Camels are anti-cav-cav, but get wrecked by elephants.

- High era units get a +3 to their armor and attack unless that weapon starts being used in that era, such as heavy crossbows. Same goes for late, but they get a +5.

- Shield values represent the coverage of it. A 5 is the starting value for all shields, as the start at the wrist and move upward towards the head. An elbow coverage gets 8, the shoulder gets an 11, and the head gets a 15. Morale as effects shield values to represent competency (the same goes for weapons as well).

- No ap weapons (no ap stat_pri_attr or stat_sec_attr)

- No attack delays to make combat faster

- Projectiles make more sense. Ranges are better balanced. Javelins and thrown weapons have short ranges (55 - 75). Arrows are in the middle, having modest ranges (110 - 140), with the exception of bodkin arrows (260 - 280). Bolts are better, having ranges up to 230, but are unable to arc fire. Guns are the best, but are really inaccurate, unless they have short ranges. Due to the ubiquitous nature of guns during this era, they have less damage than in other mods. Bows and crossbows are more or less the same, as well as javelins. To put it simply commonality also determines damage

- Skirmishing is changed. The ability to skirmish is not universal. Ranged units with less than 100 can skirmish and start skirmishing, ones with more than 100 start not skirmishing, and ones that are 200 or more cannot skirmish at all. Cav can always skirmish and start skirmishing. This is to make sure than short ranged units are more effective, while long ranged units don't waste time skirmishing.

- Charge bonus determined now by a number of factors. The type of weapon (longer weapons get more charge), morale, how much armor the unit has (it's every 10 beyond 30), and the mount.

- No more stat_heat or stat_ground maulses/bonuses to simplify balance.

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