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Thread: Romance vs. Records

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    Default Romance vs. Records

    Which version have you been mostly playing with? Why? Let's see what people prefer.
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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    Don’t play Total War for fantasy, so I stick with Records mode. Although, to be fair, both modes are pretty much the exact same thing.
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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    110% Records and looking forward to historical mods.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    I don't like invincible heroes skewing the tactics of battle away from superior troops and better manoeuvering. Hence I play Records mode only.
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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    do we know the full lsit of difference between the modes. other than the generals and fatigue i'm not clear what else is different. also how does the generals character development affect the records mode in the battle map

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    Still on my first campaign as Romance, I'll try Records next go around.
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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    For me, records mode is Total War, and Romance mode is a fun attraction for newcomers to experience Total War for the first time.
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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    Both, because to fully understand what I like or prefer I need the first hand experience.
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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    I have only played Romance so far. I have been enjoying it. Killing or capturing the generals is more important than ever. Also, the generals get involved so much more which i like. The duels are pretty pointless because it tells u who will win so why accept unless u will win. They should not provide that info ahead of acceptance.

    I understand the reluctance due to a break from realism but the extra importance of the generals is a surprisingly fun aspect.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    At the moment its a bit of both for me, to see which I prefer, although I not one for magical powers and fairy dust animations, I am finding romance fun, however I will be playing my next campaign in records mode.
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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    Romance at this moment (only in my second campaign). I may try to play Records at one point but as this moment I feel Records is strip down version of the game. Just a late add on afterthough to please the purist historical TW players.

    I probably will play them for factions that I have completed in Romance just to see if there's any different. I dont think it will differs much though since I view myself as campaign TW player most rather than battle TW player. I auto resolve most of the battles except earlier turns.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    Ofc Romance. Because I watched first San Guo before release

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    Records, but it feels like an afterthought. You cant even get information if enemy or your general has fallen in battle. In Romance mode they give you this information just like in the every other TW game

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    I never thought that I would like something like the romance setting, but I am finding it pretty fun, and like the new strategies it offers. However I am very glad that CA had the wisdom to keep a traditional TW records mode. Over time I will probably play record mode the most, but for now romance mode is an interesting alternative.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    I prefer Romance for getting invested more in each individual character. It works especially well if you watch the 2010 Sanguo show, since you get to see your favorite characters in action and immerse yourself in the story.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    I haven't played Romance yet because i'm scared it will just feel like a crappier version warhammer with the single entities.

    So far i've found the battles in Records the best (vanilla) battles TW has produced in a long while. Units feel balanced. They rout but don't instantly shatter (the reason i completely abandoned playing ATILLA). I hope CA will invest in Records mode a bit further and polish and refine it some more. Some of the abilities carried over from Romance feel totally broken in Records (MaTeng's fatigue immune Cav, for example). Those kinds of abilities should be tuned down for Records imo (resistance instead of immunity would be fine).

    Looking forward to seeing what mods will provide to each mode.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    It's interesting to see such a divide between the statistics on the Total War subreddit and the numbers here. I recall that a poll asking the same thing in the subreddit went to Romance with the overwhelming majority, whereas here most players prefer to play Records. This may be because Romance is closer to Warhammer, but that might just be pure conjecture.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    I only play records, but do watch a few streamers who I've only seen playing romance, never records.
    Mostly because I bought this game to play Total War.
    I'm only missing shogun I and medieval I in my library.
    Not too much of a fan of single entitities that take over the fight, and especially if you can (like legend of total war) just run your generals/hero's into the town square to cap regardless of how many troops are there(not sure if this has been fixed, or is intentional, not my cup of tea anyway.

    Romance had to happen though and it's great they didn't go all the way one way.

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    I'm not yet allowed to vote for this poll, but for me it is Romance all the way. It is clearly the way the game is supposed to be played and adds so much more to the standard TW formula

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    Default Re: Romance vs. Records

    Records all the way. It's the closest to the TW game format I like to play.
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