I found some of the military assignments could use some improvements.

added a population cost to affect the replenishment rate

Oversee Mustering:
added a small unit skill EXP while the troops muster, at the cost of population and peasantry income to assimilate the idea of taking from your populace.

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Bandit patrols:
Turned this more into hit and run type hybrid, basically added in the effects of the previous guerrilas to make it a much better assignment. Both were lacking pretty hard in functionality. The attrition would only apply if the enemy was out of supplies.. and the enemy was never out of supplies for me.

Organize Guerrillas:
I turned this into "Training drills for the troops". Adding unit EXP per season, but at a cost of retinue upkeep (paying for training) , food (feed them) and kept but lowered the modifer of attrition to enemy troops here just because it was easier to leave it than get rid of it modding wise.

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Still no luck making a Line of sight assignment, it simply doesnt seem to work.
Post suggestions for other assignments/feedback below