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Thread: UEFA Nations League Final

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    Default UEFA Nations League Final

    In the first edition of the UEFA Nations League, Portugal will face the Netherlands in the final on Sunday (tomorrow). On the road to the final, Netherlands beat Germany, France and England.

    Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to secure Nations League final. Portugal 3-1 Switzerland
    Place your bets, please.
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    Default Re: UEFA Nations League Final

    Hard to predict this one, I haven't seen the Portugal game but the England-Netherlands one was pretty bad. Depay was absolutely shocking but somehow still managed to get 2 assists and the other goal was a rebound from his shot, he should really have scored that one himself though. If anyone hasn't seen it, I recommend you watch a clip of that second Dutch goal. It's pretty hilarious how basically everyone involved in it except for Pickford messed that one up. Stones just turned his mind off, Depay misses a sitter and Promes would have punted the rebound 5 metres next to the goal if Walker's tackle hadn't somehow deflected it in. You'll think you're watching some low-level amateur game instead of supposedly some of the world's best football players.

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