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    Hi folks!!

    After a long time out of modding, forums and sites as this one (real life's matters, hard matters)...i must say you that our team is "on the road" again.
    We'll try to improve a beta version (battles only) as soon as it will be possible, so be patience, please.

    Many of the work done was redone, other parts were removed and others, as the campaign map, was made again completely new...all the units have a better look now, better skins and upgrades on modelling.

    All the code, scripts and no visual parts of the mod are actually in WIP...that's why the campaing release will be published later.
    The last screens uploaded here are part of the revised version, terrain, vegetation, grass' textures, light and atmosphere, as you can see are the vanilla's one (where i'm making the first test of units) will be very different on the downloable version.

    The actual team members of this mod:


    That's all, by now...
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    Great that you're working on it again!

    "Gurth an Glamhoth!"
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    Glad to know the mod isn't dead !

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    Anxious for the battle version so that i can make a cinematic with it!

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    Great to hear! Good luck and best wishes for the beta
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    Any news?

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    Keep on marching ELVES!

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    they are, dont worry. Be patient

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    Anyone who wants to follow the development of the mod enter the Discord server of RTW Community, because there is the channel for this mod and the first news are posted there along with the possibility of talking to the developers.
    Links to FRRE and FMIR beta mods, here:

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