As the title says it seems whenever Nassau changes hands the game crashes. I'm playing as the Union and Britain holds Nassau. I've been at war with them and Nassau's taking would destroy their faction. At first I thought maybe it was just whenever I did it. But it seems that's not the case as the same thing happens on France's turn when they take the city and I can't imagine they're losing with a full combined arms stack against three Garrison militia. I'm not sure which script is triggering it; the Britain faction's destruction or Nassau/Bahamas changing hands. I suppose either is possible since the Federals seem to have originally been the British and the Confederates are the original US faction (subtle, modmakers). However the Britains are actually the Inuits (that could be a joke about Canada, but I digress). I've tried doing some stuff with ESF editor and at this point all that does is crash the campaign when I load it. I made copies of my original saves though so I can save them if I gotta restart from scratch and just toss the edited ones.

Any ideas?