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Thread: Mixed Units Tutorial (Finally CA yes!!)

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    Default Mixed Units Tutorial (Finally CA yes!!)

    For the first time in a total war game we have access to (and apparently easily modified) mixed units!!!!
    I will go over the basics of making these mixed units but for now what I know is possible is units with inf/cav or inf/ranged or even all three. The combinations, as well as now unit variety are literally endless. This @#%t is crazy!
    Im super excited, I hope you guys (especially the unit makers) are too.

    This video goes over the potential for mixed units in the latest TW game. This could lead to so many new and exciting avenues in modding.To do the basics of this in the game files.You will need to changeLand_units_templates_tablesand you will need a units from Composed_entities_tablesin shortyou find a soldier type you want to add to a unit from the Composed_entities_tables such as "3k_main_general_fire_generic_bodyguard"which is the cavalry i used in the video.
    then find the unit you want to add it to in Land_units_templates_tablesand insert a new row linking that composed entity to that land unit. and then decide on the health and number of these new guys. and its that easy For those of you interested in questions, discussions.
    Or my Overhaul/battle realism Mod check out my discord.

    Essentially the majority of the editing will be done in Land_units_templates_table
    as you can see below to get the mixed unit in the second video you just add in a few new rows

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