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Thread: 2018 MODDING AWARDS - Main thread with rules and links to polls

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    Default 2018 MODDING AWARDS - Main thread with rules and links to polls

    2018 Modding Awards The 2018 Modding awards voting phase is now live!

    First of all, let me remind you to check The Rules; in particular the one below

    - You are not allowed to post in the poll threads who you have voted for. If you do, your votes will be disqualified
    In general, it is not allowed to state for whom you voted anywhere, not just on the poll threads. If you have any comment during this phase, please use The Commentary Thread

    Important Notice: due to lack of nominations in some categories, we have merged them, for the sake of competition; matches have been done taking into account as much as possible the differences between the various categories.

    However, please click on the links below to be redirected to the main forum for each title or to the specific poll of your interest.

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