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    Default Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy

    Hello TWCenter!

    I present you the new release for Rome - Total War, a mod Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy which is a standalone addon to my mod Barbarian Empires released last year: Lanjane's Barbarian Empires

    This time, I wasn't alone, my good friends from Rome - Total War modding community helped me a lot to bring this project to life. And the most dedicated of them, Marios (crazyroman), who is actually behind the entire idea of this addon, and also huge amount of coding which made it possible. So I will let him speak for himself in his own introduction letter, but first, here's short description of this project:

    Main features:

    • 3 new factions replacing Scipii, Brutii and Senate: Baktria, Epirus and Bosporan Kingdom
    • About 250 new skins in addition to 1000+ of original Barbarian Empires mod
    • Special edition of Mundus Magnus map tailored by Suppanut
    • Lots of new skins for auxiliary officers (for AOR troops)
    • New late bodyguards for most factions
    • Polished design and consistent artwork style of vanilla Rome - Total War
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements to original mod


    Rome - Total Music is strongly recommended!
    It was originally designed as a universal supplement for this mod and any other mods with the vanilla culture set.
    1. Unpack content of the archive to your Rome - Total War folder. A folder NL_2 will appear inside your game folder, near EXE file. It won't interfere with NL folder of original Barbarian Empires mod, do not overwrite it as they can work separately!
    2. Make a shortcut for RomeTW-ALX.exe on your desktop, right click for Properties and add the following to the end of the "Object" field:
    -nm -ne -show_err -noalexander -mod:NL_2
    OR if you are using Steam:
    Right click Rome - Total War: Alexander, Properties->Set launch options and add the same.
    If you are using multiple Rome - Total War mods, you can add them all to Steam with different launch options. Just use button "Add a game" at the bottom of your game list, then "Add a non-Steam game", then found in the list and select Rome-Total War Alexander .EXE file from Steam version. This will allow you to launch the same Steam EXE with different mods, having full benefits of Steam overlay, game time count and screenshots.


    Hello people ! I'm here to present you a successor to the mod Lanjane's Barbarian Empires, made by Lanjane. The story of Lanjane's Barbarian Empire begun as a simple sub-mod for the Macedon Expansion mod but it ended up being a fully stand-alone mod with it's own unique taste .
    Since i played the mod i was always excited with it! It was my favorite mod actually and i enjoyed playing it. Around February, an idea came to my mind, to introduce The Kingdom of Baktria as a replacer for Scipii roman family. I was always excited with Baktria and the idea of adding it to my favorite mod was mesmerizing me. After many tries and errors, sometimes feeling that i should abandon the idea too, Baktria was added in the game succesfully. In this moment, i would like to thank my friend Suppanut, because without him it wouldn't be succesful. He destroyed many errors and bugs and he was my mentor for how to change a faction culture succesfully.
    After we added Baktria, we saw that the remaining romans (Brutii and Senate) are not working as they should so we decided to replace them too, adding the Kingdom of Bosporus instead of the Senate and the Kingdom of Epirus in place of Brutii.
    While I did most of coding work, so we can have a base for the factions, my friend Lanjane has done all the faction reskins and unit cards. I can't thank him enough for bringing my dreams to life. He is an awesome skinner and modder and without him the mod wouldn't exist at all.
    Except for the 3 new factions what else is in the mod, you may ask? Changes to Arabia, Africa and northern part of the map, introducing unconquerable Terra Incognita (thanks Suppanut), new auxiliary officers for all the factions that have auxiliary units (for example, Roman Republic has access to auxiliary barbarian units if they conquer the right territories, these units will have native barbarian officers), new units for the 3 new factions and many other things!!!

    Some of the chosen features:
    Baktria. The land of a thousand golden cities! With a strong infantry and awesome cavalry and good missile support. They will have to face their Seleucid, Parthian and Scythian enemies! Their roster effectively mirrors the roster of their main rival: Seleucid Empire.
    Epirus. A faction that has enemies in many sides but a flexible army, with elephants, phalangites and strong cavalry! Epirus roster incorporates italic, thracian and macedonian troops into one effective war machine.
    Bosporus. A Greek kingdom with a mix of Greek, Scythian and Thracian units, they are ready to punish their adversaries! Set a strong powerbase in Crimea and expand your kingdom!
    Apron Hoplites: A unique attachment to the shields of hoplites, protecting their lower body parts from enemy missiles. Research for the shield apron was made by me and Jirysys and the model, textures and unit cards are made by Lanjane.
    Marios (Crazyroman)


    For full credits for original Barbarian Empires mod, see main mod page here: Lanjane's Barbarian Empires
    Here go the credits for Hellenistic Legacy addon only:

    Crazyroman: Idea of the addon, main coding
    : Textures, models, unit cards, coding, ideas, symbol of Bosporus, UI work
    Suppanut: Coding, fixing errors, mapping, AI formations, various minor stuff from Extended Cultures V mod
    Ahowl11: Channel in Slack, channel in Discord, various stuff from his mods
    RTW Enhanced Mod: Baktria and Roman Republic symbol
    DTW Mod: Epirus symbol
    Sons of Latium mod: early vexilarius officer
    Jirysys: Help with the research on the apron shield of greek hoplites
    Mausolos of Mylasa: Historical suggestions
    Sorry if im forgeting anyone . Send us a PM and we will add you here if we forgot you
    Feel free to join our Discord: Rome - Total War Modding Community


    Q: What do i need to run this mod ?
    A: You need RTW Alexander expansion 1.9.
    Q: Why there are no historical battles in this mod like there were in Lanjane's Barbarian Empires?
    A: Historical battles require many changes and fixing to make them work with the new factions, so they are temporarily disabled in the addon.
    Q: Why there are no custom campaigns like in Lanjane's Barbarian Empires ?
    A: The same reason, all these campaigns would require many hours of coding to work with the new faction set and of course various balancing fixes so they can be playable. To speed up the release, we disabled provincial campaign feature as well.
    Q: Why there are so many units in custom battles for my faction? What an unhistorical mess!
    A: What you see are AOR troops (locals available in certain locations of the map). Don't panic.
    Q: Will there be a second release?
    A: Maybe
    Q: Can i do a sub-mod for this mod and release it to the public?
    A: You can make a sub-mod for your own personal use, but you are not allowed to release it to the public.
    Q: Why there is no Senate or Senate missions in the mod for romans or other factions?
    A: The Senate had to go for modding reasons, it became Kingdom of Bosporus. As for the missions, there can be missions only for 3 factions and we found it unfair to give missions only for 3 factions.

    This mod is the work of Nicolai Lanjane and Crazyroman . If you wish to upload to another site for downloading you will have to communicate with us and if we give you permission you can do it.
    Don't steal. If you want to take something from this mod for your own mod please communicate with us.
    No sub-mods for public release are allowed.

    Check for screenshots and the download here:

    Credits for original Barbarian Empires mod and other supporting information may be found under spoiler.

    Official Russian thread:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Credits for used materials:
    Dick & Alxcruel Pax Barbarica & Barbarians Revenge mods
    dvk901 & Roma Surrectum II team Roma Surrectum II mod
    xcmhx Rome - Total War: Enchanced mod
    RedFox Diadochi - Total War mod
    HK_mars Rise of Empire 1.0G mod
    Russian_Alexander Battle for Hellas mod
    Darius & Maxmus Wind of East mod
    repman BareBonesWars Mod
    medusa0 Medusa0's Armoury
    Subrosa Florens Amazon - Total War mod
    comrade_general The Hellenic States mod
    ngr Mundus Magnus mod
    Laka Laka's numidians
    Nebuchadnezzar Mercenary Xpak
    Solon de Athenas RTR: Anabasis mod
    Guererro Sabino Guererro Sabuno's mod resources
    Europa Barbarorum Team Europa Barbarorum mod
    player1 BugFixer for Rome - Total War
    jpinard, Luvian, Siblesz completed factions mod

    Campaigns and historical battles original designers:
    xcmhx awesome RTWE campaign map
    Kuban-Kazak British Campaign
    Haktar Imperial - Total War map
    Alejandro Magno Mundus Magnus 4.0 map
    NinjaCool Historical Battles Pack
    Tom Sims Historical Battles Pack
    rorarii Historical Battles Pack
    Seasoned Alcoholic Rome - Total Gameplay campaign map
    Myrddraal Sicily mini-campaign map
    Webbird Europa - 270BC map

    Special thanks to:
    crazyroman for setting up most units voices, eastern officers assignments, correcting typos, extensive testing, advices and inspiration
    Dmitriy Macedonec for giving a permission to create this submod
    as1991 for his awesome Let's Play Parthia on YouTube - in an older version of this mod and inspiration
    ahowl11 for his patience with such fragile person as I am, and for help and support in various areas
    suppanut for modding advices on stability and balancing and support
    Kirila Kristi for translation corrections
    comrade_general for inspiration with his works and for great days of Persian Invasion and The Hellenic States
    Aradan for modding advices and help
    Robbe Aerts for useful tips on climates and vegetation
    makanyane for help with my epic vegetation struggle

    Imperial russian forum support:
    Haktar, АрАл, as1991, Tiberius S. Gracchus, RomanTim, SamaelBC

    Original Macedon Expansion Credits:
    Дмитрий Macedonec Idea, concept, text files, general administration
    Olwork Textures, models, graphics, patches
    Kamelia English localisation for ME 1.3

    Official forum of ME modification (in russian):

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