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    Default Total War : Three Kingdoms

    I wonder if I'm alone in this, but so far I've fail to see how this new Total War is better than this great mod. The only aspect of Three Kingdoms that is really out of league for this mod is the battles. Anything else, RoTK has it better. Especially about the characters. I love how RoTK make them all available for the right faction, that we can read their biography, etc. In Three Kingdoms, this feature seems quite limited as of now. So until the workshop is available with good mods, I think I will stick with RoTK! More fun! Less chaotic. Better colors.

    So I hope this mod will still be supported for a while (long enough to see my suggestion adopted xD)

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    Default Re: Total War : Three Kingdoms

    Thank you, sir, we all appreciate it

    As an FYI, I may be finishing development on this mod (or temporarily suspend it) after the next patch (including your suggestion), as I’m contemplating joining a major mod team to make a historical mod for TWTK.
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    Default Re: Total War : Three Kingdoms

    @Foggy - appreciate the appreciation

    @Seether - Keep us updated what mod that might be, I am sure the expertise you have brought to RotK over the years will be a bonus to any 3K mod.

    From first impressions 3K seems to have reasonably improved diplomacy (have yet to play myself), that opens new avenues to scripting I am sure.
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    Default Re: Total War : Three Kingdoms

    Seether : Well that is great news (my suggestion and a new patch) and I wish you good fortune with 3K, it is in dire need of good mods lol the diplomacy has POTENTIAL, but as it is now, its meh. Not effective at all, IMO. Especially with Cao Cao, it so easy to cheat with diplomacy with him because of his "Credibility" mana. Is there any software right now that allow us to already mod 3K without me knowing about it? I tried to open some files with RPFM, but many just pop up a empty error message.

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    Default Re: Total War : Three Kingdoms

    I would love to see your work on TW3k. It truly has more potential than I thought it would. I'll be keeping an eye out for a familiar name attached to a mod for tw3k haha.

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    If you would be able to bring even a fraction of the historical depth to TWTK that you brought with this mod, it would improve it a lot. I like TWTK much more than i thought i would, but it's seriously lacking when it comes to characters, and Three Kingdoms is all about characters!

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