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Thread: The War Council is hereby convened - Invasion: Britannia

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    In my 2.35 campaigns, Gauls is a battleground for Rome, Sweboz, Pritanoi and the Celtiberians. Aedui and Arverni can't catch a break.
    Gaul is one big battle ground in my 2.3 Rome campaign as well. It seems a bit ahistorical, especially with the Iberian peoples aggressively pushing into Gaul. Then again, there were intertribal clashes in history and having all Celtic nations under one banner would make another kind of ahistorical situation and ruin the game's balance in the process.

    The result of all the conflict is that there have been very few incursions into my territory form that direction as they are fighting it out constantly. At one point they sent assassins, but I guess they cannot afford them anymore.

    So I can just mind my business up north and in the east and concentrate on infrastructure with very few conflicts going on at any given time. I am counting that if things get tough, Rome will have enough development done to last many turns of military spending before stagnating economically. Playing too aggressively with Rome is something of an exploit anyway.

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    I would say it is different in each game, which is yet another testament to EB 2 team's skills - no one playthrough is the same. My Rome playthrough for example features Pritanoi as the ones being invaded by Aedui who had two cities on the British Isles at one point. Meanwhile Seleucids have always gotten ripped apart in ALL of my games without my interference, but I can see that's not always how it happens for other people.

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