Back then I was using i5 3570 and occasionally I have total system crash where either rebooting or just simply turned off (but there are still lights on the fans). It haooened either playings XCOM 2 or Warhammer 2 (cant say other games since I seldom play others).

It also happened when I afk for a certain time leaving the game on. It happened both on used RX 570 and RX 580. The RX 580 is a known mining unit but not sure about the RX 570. When restarted however it says something about Adrenalin needs to restart because of some error. I have always do clean installation for every new driver versions that comes out. It even happened after I clean reinstall Windows.

Now I'm using Ryzen 5 2600 with Gigabyte B450m S2H (the cheapest board &#128513 and it still happened. It happened more frequent if I OC either the CPU or GPU but also happened when I leave them on stock. It only happened when gaming, not when doing other stuff though. One thing I know is that when it happened, the top of my case (got 2 outflow fans) feels very hot.

Gaming wise, both cpu and gpu seldom goes above 70c when I view using after burner.

I'm not sure whether this is gpu issue (anyone else using RX 570 and RX 580 having this issue?) or my psu. My psu (FSP II Saga 500w) is the oldest component in my pc which I bought when I was building my oc for Shogun 2.

Is there any other test that I can do? My ram is 3000Mhz corsair vengeance though I run with XMP profile on and OC to 3200Mhz but I believe the crash happened with 3000Mhz too. Havent tried running without XMP though but I believe my ram and mobo should not be the problem since the sympton is the same with my Intel set up.