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Thread: How do I add a new siege unit?

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    Default How do I add a new siege unit?

    I already know how to add a new unit to the game but I'm having trouble understanding how siege units work since it seems like the artillery crew and the weapons are separate. To specify what I'm trying to do, I'm attempting to give Vampire Counts a mortar unit which is basically a copy of the Empire one. I know I can probably just allow VC to recruit them but I want to change the name and the look of the crew.

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    Default Re: How do I add a new siege unit?

    Make a copy of the unit (in every table where it appears).
    Change the unit variant for the crew, and give a new name.

    It's not that difficult.

    The "trick" is that in the land_units table, what you get is the crew. The mortal itself is in the "Engine" column of this table. Just copy the line of the Empire mortar to get a new crew, don't change the columns.

    You'll need to add this new line in other tables (main_units, unit_variants, etc).

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