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Thread: Where to download RS 3.1?

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    Default Where to download RS 3.1?

    Forgive me for being retard, but I see there's a thread about 'post your RS 3.1 empire' but I can't find a thread with the links to where to download Roma surrectum 3.1.
    Can a good soul pls direct me to the links to the newest version of this fantastic mod?
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    Default Re: Where to download RS 3.1?

    Here you are invicta! go to post #2 for the 3.1 patch, if you want to play 4tpy this is the link go to post #39

    More info::; If you want to try leoni's excellent submod for RS II called When Worlds Collide/Hellenistic Twilight here is the link for that
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