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Thread: What's your favorite faction for the Great Campaign mode?

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    Default What's your favorite faction for the Great Campaign mode?

    And what are your reasons to choose a specific faction?

    In my case, I haven't started any game yet in that mode. But I think I'll give the Visigoths a try ( I played the prologue but I didn't finish the last part yet: the battle of Adrianople )

    I really struggled too much to beat the Huns in the prologue. What do you recommend me to make a battle against a Hun army a bit easier?

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    Default Re: What's your favorite faction for the Great Campaign mode?

    Hello, and welcome to TWCenter!

    I have always been a fan of the Ostrogoths. I've always been drawn in by the idea of recruiting Roman units, and makes me truly feel like a successor to the fallen Roman Empire once I've conquered them.

    Fighting the Huns will be quite a tough prospect, especially during the early parts of the game. They focus heavily on cavalry units with a composition of artillery and some backup infantry. Playing as either Gothic faction, I have had the most success with an army whose backbone is Gothic pikemen; supported by a large contingent of foot archers to counter the horse archers; backed up by some Thracian Falxmen, legionaries, and Gothic warbands; and plenty of light and medium cavalry to the enemy artillery and guard the flanks. I also have one or perhaps two onagers behind my army to take out large swaths of the oncoming enemy horde.

    My composition usually looks like this in the mid-to-late game:

    x1 General
    x5 Gothic Pikemen/Ostrogothic Elite Pikemen
    x4 Melee Infantry (Any sword unit, usually mostly legionaries, but you can substitute for Gothic Warband and Praetorian Defectors)
    x2 Spears
    x4 Archers (Usually standard archers with one or two supporting crossbows)
    x4 Cavalry (Germanic Horsemen, Taifali Cavalry, and/or Roman cavalry)
    x1 Onager

    Pikemen in this game are more vulnerable than those in the past, so make sure enemy horse archers are always somehow engaged before they can decimate your main line. Otherwise the Huns like to try crashing their troops onto your line of pikes. If the pikes seem to be failing, bring in the swordsmen to relieve pressure and push the enemy back. A classic trick is also to try and kill the enemy general - even the loss of Attila himself will cause Hunnic morale to plummet.

    On the campaign, try to destroy the entire army, or else it will recover quickly. The Huns will continue to spawn armies to replace lost ones unless you destroy them all in quick order within two or maybe three turns. Once the Huns are defeated, you will have created a strong enough military force to defeat any enemy thereafter.

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    Default Re: What's your favorite faction for the Great Campaign mode?

    Thanks a lot for the advice. I think I'll try both gothic factions at the same time ( playing two different campaigns parallelly )

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