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Thread: [Submod] Seleucid Reskin Updated (DEI Compatible Version)

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    Default [Submod] Seleucid Reskin Updated (DEI Compatible Version)

    The original Seleucid Roster overhaul by Arthalion (since taken over by Tree) was my favorite mod, for my favorite faction. Sadly, I found it was not compatible with DEI, having various UI glitches and missing unit textures. With permission from the current maintainer of the mod, Tree, I have fixed these issues to make a DEI-compatible version of this amazing mod.

    Issues fixed for DEI campaign:
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    • Fixed the UI appearing completely white
    • Fixed missing textures on certain units
    • Fixed missing weapons on certain units
    • Removed early-Galatian Swordsmen unit (this unit is not present in the DEI Seleucid roster)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    For those unfamiliar with the non-DEI version - this is a total reskin of the Seleucid roster, adding some nice flavor to a very diverse and unique faction. While the original mod version by Arthalion included several modifications to the Rome II base-game roster, this version includes those same units as part of the DEI campaign roster (except for basic Galatian swords). Thus, all units are balanced for the DEI campaign as they already exist there. Now they just look even cooler

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    • Tree for his permission to upload this separate, DEI-compatible version of the mod (he currently maintains the vanilla-version mod having taken over for Arthalion)
    • Arthalion for creating the original version of this awesome mod

    Additional Credits:
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    (copied from Arthalion's original mod description)

    • Creative Assembly for his games, engines and ressources
    • DrakeB22 for his work to update the mod
    • Noif for his emblem
    • Radious for his overhaul
    • Ahiga for his armors
    • Farsovereign for his new units
    • Zaskar70 for his armors
    • Meneros and his armors
    • King Louise Assurbanipal for his colored armors
    • FaLKReN for his shields patterns

    Steam Workshop Link:
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