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Thread: Hidden recruitment costs?

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    Default Hidden recruitment costs?

    I am playing a Carthage campaign and have reached ~40BC. All of the sudden my economy collapses and I see I have a recruitment cost of 95k every turn even though I am not recruiting any troops. What is the course for this loss of income?

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    Default Re: Hidden recruitment costs?

    With increasing imperium level, corruption grows. There are some civil techs to decrease corruption.

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    Default Re: Hidden recruitment costs?

    I enjoy playing as Carthage, too.

    That sudden economic collapse sounds like a hell of a shock! I've had similar experiences with large empires. I agree with Clodia_Metelli that it sounds like you reached a high Imperium, unless you had a secession in which your richest provinces broke away.

    The advice about techs to reduce corruption sounds good. I have a few other suggestions - apologies in advance if I'm suggesting things you've already thought about.

    Do you have allies? If you get a full alliance (not just a defensive one), then the regions they hold count towards your victory conditions. I believe that regions held by allies don't count towards your Imperium. I know that allies tend to be difficult to get in the late game, and I think client states do count towards your Imperium.

    Would it help to make your empire smaller? I usually have provinces aren't needed for the victory conditions. If an enemy or rebellion takes them, your smaller empire could have less corruption. If you send an army to gradually re-take them, the slaves which they capure would boost your economy.

    Sometimes, when I had a large empire suffering from corruption and a secession occurred, my income increased dramatically. Is there a rival party which controls provinces which you don't need for victory conditions (or which could be re-conquered)? If so, would it be worth provoking them into breaking away?

    In the late campaign, it's tempting to keep recruiting expensive, better-quality units. However, cheaper units can sometimes be more cost-effective. Carthage doesn't need Sacred Band and Balearic slingers everywhere. In my current Carthage campaign, I'm replacing Balearic slingers with Celtic or Iberian levy slingers when I can. The levy slingers aren't as effective but they're much cheaper. An army of ordinary, mid-tier soldiers with good equipment and training (a veteran attached to the army to provide experience, for the veteran's entire career) and army traditions can do the work of elite troops most of the time.
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