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Thread: DLV BB new version ?

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    Default DLV BB new version ?

    if some modders are motivated to reform a dev team to make a new version for DLV BB and finally correct these bugs, I am available.
    Im specialized in 2D art, but i can make 3d and i anderstand code.

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    That would be outstanding, but you'd have a difficult time getting a motivated team for such an old mod. If you can do it you would be my hero, but sadly I think the developers are working on new stuff. Still I say good luck, and hope you can find some people for this project.

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    Default Re: DLV BB new version ?

    DLV BB is indeed one of the legendary medieval 2 mods. Is not that the game or the mod is old, is that we are older and dont have available time for moding. Try PM some of the DEvs or some active members, hope you ( and us if you manage it ) good luck!

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    I'd be game for some of the text, trait, and related work of such an idea. This is one mod I'm especially fond of.

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    Default Re: DLV BB new version ?

    Sounds like a brilliant idea! An update for DLB BB is just what TWcenter needs right now!

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