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Thread: The Great War VI - Beta Testing **NOW CLOSED**

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    Default The Great War VI - Beta Testing **NOW CLOSED**

    Beta Testing

    We have finally reached the point where we can start beta testing. Most of the rest of the work is purely cosmetic so while that is being completed we can start working on bug fixes and balancing. There are many things that need testing including the new starting armies, new battle AI, new deployment zones and formations so we need several people to help us test it out. We expect to get a decent amount of requests to play test so we will have to limit how many people we can work with, therefore there are some requirements.


    1. Must have experience with the current version of the mod. The main feedback we are looking for is how the new update compares to the current version. Must have played at least 1 full campaign, preferably more.
    2. Must be able to write in detail about your testing. A single sentence like, "its dope" isnt helpful.
    3. Must have time to do testing. We want to complete this phase as fast as possible so if you dont have any time to do testing it wont really help us.

    If you are interested please send me a message either here or over on Modb.
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