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Thread: New Community Siege Tournament! Medieval 2 Total War Divine Right of Kings Siege Tournament (2019)

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    Default New Community Siege Tournament! Medieval 2 Total War Divine Right of Kings Siege Tournament (2019)

    Medieval 2 Total War:

    Divine Right of Kings Community Siege Tournament

    (Aug 1 2019)

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    Welcome everyone to the official announcement of the community organized siege tournament, The Divine Right of Kings. Below is the tournament document with everything you could possibly want to know about the tournament, how to participate, where to view the battles, what the rules are, discord and resource links and who the players will be! We currently have 5 teams of highly skilled veteran players ready to compete, but we are looking for a few more teams to fill the bracket (8 teams total), so if you are a veteran medieval 2 siege player and are interested in competing shoot me a PM following the guidelines laid out in the document, or join the discord and message me. As many battles as possible (especially the best ones) will be broadcast on YouTube (link to appropriate channel below and in my signature). This is an organized and officiated tournament so only players and teams who can commit to 2-3 games per week and agree to follow the rules should apply. Everyone in the community is invited to follow the tournament, and this thread will be updated with results as they come in.


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Tournament layout and format
      1. Tournament Format
      2. Strikes (penalties)
      3. Related definitions

    3. Teams and tournament rules
      1. Qualifier funds allotment per team and player
      2. Qualifier rules for teams and individuals
      3. Faction specific rules
      4. Factions selection rules
      5. Rules regarding documentation and officiation
      6. Quitting and lagging

    4. Game joining and beginning procedures
    5. Resources
    6. How to join the tournament

    This fall, one of the most beloved and classical historical warfare games, Medieval 2 Total War will feature an organized and highly competitive tournament, based around siege game-play. It will be a team tournament, where opposing teams battle for control of castles, fortresses and citadels. Join us in this incredible and historic event breathing life back into this most memorable game that has brought so many of us great joy and incredible experiences over the years!

    Tournament Format:
    The tournament will consist of 2 major sections, league games and play-off games. League games are 2 rounds with each team getting 1 chance to attack and one to defend. Play-off games are played between the teams that advance from the league games, and are best of 3 rounds, each team getting a chance to attack and defend, with the higher scoring team (based on their performance in the league games) getting to choose to attack or defend if a 3rd round is necessary.
    2 defenders vs. 3 attackers
    Best of 3 games
    Rounds 1&2 will take place in a Castle with level 1 towers, the teams switch off attacking and defending. The culture of the castle will be decided for both teams via a random number generator for the 3 possible cultures (Northern European, Southern European and Middle Eastern).
    If round 3 is necessary a fortress will be used, and the team with the best score (based on the previous battles of that match, IE whoever won by the largest percentage) may choose to attack or defend, the culture of the fortress being determined by random as well
    Teams may choose which of their team members preform in each round, as a 3 person team will only need 2 to play when they are defending, and a team with 4 members will need to sit 1 out when attacking.
    Teams will consist of 3 players and an additional substitute player if desired to stand in if someone cannot make a match. A team will have no more than 5 players (2 substitutes)

    League Games:
    Each team will play against every other team 1 time attacking 1 time defending
    A win is worth 1 point, a heroic victory is worth 2, a loss 0 and a crushing defeat -1

    Play-off Games:
    After the league games the top 8 teams will advance to the brackets (or 4 teams if there is less)
    Bracket rounds will be best of 3 as described above, the “finals” round will be done in a fortress and if a 3rd game is necessary, a citadel, all cultures during bracket battles will be decided randomly. All tower levels during the tournament will be level 1
    There will be no set time limit for battles, however the overseeing game official (or the in game official) may issue strikes to players during games, 3 strikes against a player will cost his or her team the game.
    The following constitute “strikes”
    1 Delay of Game – if a player remains inactive for several minutes during a battle or refuses to fight (having not agreed to a pause or break with the other players or announced that they will be AFK (Away From keyboard) for a few minutes – not to exceed 10 minutes) this will constitute a delay of game strike. Or if for example a player has 1 cavalry unit left and simply runs it around the map to avoid combat and delay the game, this will also constitute a delay of game strike. A clear warning must be issued to the player before a delay of game strike may be issued. If the issue is not quickly rectified after a strike is issued a second and third strikes may be subsequently issued, ending the game.
    2 Unsportsmanlike conduct – A strike may be issued if players are repeatedly using profanity towards another player or during the game, intentionally alt tabbing or attempting to halt the game via connection issues may also fall under this category and a strike may be issued.
    3 Breaking of rules: A player who breaks the rules of the tournament (especially in army composition) will be immediately issued a strike, and the battle will have to be rehosted and restarted, 2 breaking of rules strikes will lose the player the match, 3 will disqualify him/her from the tournament.


    A “round” is one single battle between the two teams
    A “match” is a series of rounds between the two teams ( a league match is 2 games, play-off is 3)
    A “section” is a major part of the tournament that is discussed above
    A “team” is a group of allied players consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5

    Tournament Rules:

    For the 2 round qualifiers the funds will be thus:
    Defending team: 28k 14k per player
    Attacking team: 33k 11k per player
    Players are encouraged to spend all of their allotted funds

    Artillery and siege equipment
    The attacking team may have a total of 5 artillery (both canons and wooden artillery are allowed, crosses and standards do not count as artillery)
    The defending team may have a total of 3 artillery, the same rules apply as above.
    There is no limit on the amount of towers, ladders or rams a player may bring
    There is a 2 unit max per player on the same artillery piece, IE 1 player may not bring 3 culverins, but he could bring 2 culverins and 1 canon if his team chose to divide the artillery that way.
    All players and factions are allowed up to 2 cavalry units (including the general’s unit) of any kind
    Gunpowder units (not including artillery)
    Each Player is allowed 1 gunpowder unit (Hand Gunners Arquebusiers, Muskets etc) if the gunpowder unit is mounted (Reiters and Cammel Gunners) the unit counts as both a cavalry and a gunpowder unit
    Each Player is allowed up to 2 naffatun units should their faction choice allow
    Unit spam is not allowed, this is defined as more than 5 of the same unit, units with the same stats but different names constitute different units and a player may bring up to 5 of each (IE peasant crossbowmen and crossbow militia)
    Elephant units are not allowed in this tournament
    Special faction specific rules:
    In order to incentivize players to use less “powerful factions” certain factions may be here granted additional benefits:
    The Mongols, Poland, Timurids, Egypt, Russia, The Byzantine Empire and the Turks may bring a 3rd cavalry unit of any type
    The Byzantine Empire, Scotland and Denmark may bring an additional artillery unit of any type

    Faction Choice Rules
    Upon entering a match players will choose their faction (see match procedures for details on faction choice procedures) there are several rules regulating these faction choices and they are as follows:
    1 Each player must use a different faction; teams cannot share the same factions
    2 A player may not use the same faction more than 1 time in each tournament level (qualifiers, quarter finals, semifinals, finals) IE if a player plays as Hungary in the qualifier he cannot play them again until the quarter finals. This is only for players, if Player A plays Hungary in round 1, Player B is free to play them in round 2.

    Battle Results, replays and officiation
    Firstly if at all possible a sanctioned tournament official will be assigned to oversee every match as a spectator and not as a player (either through Steams live viewing function, or Skype) to watch the battle and assure all rules and regulations are followed. If spectating is not possible, teams with a sanctioned tournament official may have the official both compete and spectate, but any controversial decisions of that official may be reviewed later by another official (ie the issuing of 3 strikes to a player)
    Upon completion of the battle, 1 member of each team must save the battle replay and send it to the tournament email,(which is on the discord and in the about section of the tournament YouTube channel linked in my signature.) for review and posting on YouTube. All tournament matches will be made public on YouTube.
    Each participant is encouraged to save a screenshot of each of their battle results and army compositions and to upload it to the tournament page. This can be done by pressing the “print system requirements” button, usually to the right of the f12 key and then pasting the screen shot to a document, notepad or pasted into their photos folder on their computer.

    Quitting, admitting defeat, lagging, etc

    1. Emergency exit – If during a game a player must leave the match for a personal emergency before the match is completed, he is permitted once to do so per tournament section without being disqualified but he must inform the players before he leaves (ie “sorry everyone I have to go there’s been an emergency”), if a player simply leaves before the match is over without any notice, that player is disqualified.
      1. Upon a player leaving, if both teams wish to continue the match, they are permitted to do so, but results will be final once it is agreed to continue
      2. If the teams do not wish to continue, a match may be called on the spot; the qualifications for a match being called on the spot are: 1 a sanctioned tournament official present in the game. 2. A clear winning team has emerged (the victor of the battle is obvious by the point in which a player leaves the game) 3. A 20% or more advantage in numbers remaining per team (ie team 1 has lost 58% and team 2 has lost 80%, notice that at least 50% of each team must have fallen before a battle can be called on percentages)
      3. A rematch must occur if a match does not qualify to be called, and the players do not wish to continue. This is where the substitute player for each team will come in handy. If a player leaves the game and is disqualified from the tournament, the team has until 72 hours to replay the match and find a substitute if one is not already on the team. After 72 hours, the match is forfeited.

    2. Player disconnect and lag: If a player is having connection problems, excessive connection problems may constitute a strike, if a player unintentionally disconnects from a game (if their wifi dies or power goes out etc.) a rematch is permitted if the game cannot be called. An intentional disconnect is the same as quitting the game.
      1. If the game is experiencing high/unplayable amounts of lag, the sanctioned tournament official will wait 5-10 minutes and allow players to alt tab to close background programs or lower graphics. If the lag has not gone down in 10 minutes the game may be rehosted or the players may decide to play through the lag.
      2. If a player is experiencing connection issues, the group will wait for up to 3 minutes before rehosting the game or calling the match. Multiple connection issues will warrant a strike, but we do understand that WIFI can be unpredictable even for the best connections.

    1. If a game desynchs upon the first desynch message the sanctioned tournament official will mark the percentages killed for both teams, after 3 minutes more of gameplay the official will remark all the percentages of both teams, and if player percentages are not all the same, the game must either be called, or rehosted.

    Joining Matches:
    Firstly it should be noted that organizing the timing of matches between teams is the sole responsibility of the players in those teams and not of the tournament or its officials. Players from both teams are to communicate regularly with their team members and the members of the opposing team they are to play against in order to organize a time for the match. Once a time in decided on, it is to be posted to the official tournament page so that an official can be present.

    1. Once a match is joined the player will move to join their team (attacking team will always be team 1, defending team will be team 2) please note that delay of game strikes can occur before the game starts if players are unresponsive in joining their teams or picking their faction.

    Game starting procedures and Picking factions:
    Once all players have joined the game, the official will “sanction” the game by asking all players to type that they agree that this will be an official tournament match (ie all players respond “yes”)
    Upon completion of the sanction players will in order choose and declare their factions; the order will be thus, attacker #1, defender #1, attacker #2 defender #2 attacker #3, please refer to above faction rules before choosing a faction. Once a player has chosen their faction they will announce it (ie attacker #1 the first to pick will say “I choose faction x” then defender #1 may pick faction and announce it in the same way and so on until all players have chosen their factions).
    Once all players have chosen and announced their factions, players may begin to build their armies and discuss strategy via team chat as they wish. Once the game has started the attacking team will deploy, and then the defending team.

    Links for useful tournament player information:

    • Faction and Unit Stat Table (FAUST Guides) For Medieval 2 Grand Campaign and Kingdoms

    • The Medievalopedia A reference resource for all things Medieval 2

    • Multiplayer Guide

    • Official Tournament Discord


    How to play in the tournament:
    Most players will receive a written invitation to the tournament but if you do not receive one and wish to participate here is how you can apply to join the tournament:

    1. On the discord server (after you have joined) in the “Player Applications” section post your: 1, name (with steam account name) 2, if you have a team you are wanting to enter with, the name of the team, or if you do not, write that you are open to joining any team that needs players. 3, your level of experience with Medieval 2 and Multiplayer. 4, State that you have read and agree to the rules of the tournament and can meet the minimum time requirement (2-3 games per week), if you cannot, you can also apply as a backup player, simply state so in the text.
    2. After you have posted all the pertinent information the tournament officials will (if you are chosen to be able to participate) reach out to you via steam and or discord to confirm your entrance into the tournament
    3. If you are joining as part of a team you will be placed with your team, or you will be notified which team you will be joining and placed with them. (please be sure you have friended all the members of your team – and of the tournament – on steam so you can communicate with them). Teams are encouraged to make their own discord servers and or steam/skype groups to aid in communication and organization
    4. Get to know and practice with your teammates, and best of luck to you in the tournament!
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    Default Re: New Community Siege Tournament! Medieval 2 Total War Divine Right of Kings Siege Tournament (2019)



    We are still looking for 1-2 more teams to participate in the tournament, if you are interested in participating, or if you'd like to follow the tournament, see instructions in above post.

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