I'm trying to mod the general skill tree and I'm trying to make a general with the Legendary Warrior skill be able to throw blinding grenades.

Problem is: Putting tech_enable_blinding_grenades as an effect of legendary warrior enables them for ALL generals (I had to give the Gen_Taisho unit the Grenade ability for it to work at all).

I only want the general with the skill to be able to use blinding grenades, exactly like only generals with the stand and fight skill have the stand and fight ability. The problem is that tech_enable_blinding_grenades and tech_enable_we_stand_and_fight look the exact same to me in effect_bonus_value_unit_ability_junctions and I have no idea where else I would change what they do.

How do I make an ability unique? I looked through a lot of db entries and didn't find anything indicating that stand and fight is in any substantial way different from blinding grenades.