Last year I persuaded Gigantus, now retired as a modding hex, to add a Non-TW Games category on TWC Download for mods that has a mod thread posted on TWC. Please use that category instead of the other categories.

There are currently two ways to host a non-TW mod on TWC Download.

  • The max file size on TWC Download is 100 Mb for one mod archive.
  • Use the "Link to File" feature on TWC Download by adding a valid link into the "Link to File" field, but don't forget to add the exact bytes and that cannot be higher than 4 Gb.

If anyone has a question or wants to know more about the Modding Staff then let us know about it in the Modding Staff Commentary Thread.

Note, if anyone notice a broken, dead link or anything else on TWC Download then please post about it in the Manually report broken dead links on TWC Download thread. Don't report it and this is the reason why.