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Thread: Aruernoi re-emerging in Central Asia

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    Default Aruernoi re-emerging in Central Asia

    I'm playing 2.35, and was trucking around as Macedonia, doing Macedonia things, when I got a popup saying there was a revolt of Aruernoi in Gergouia. Lo and behold, there was a big light green stack roving around in Gergouia.

    But that wasn't the province they gained, oh no.


    That Aruernoi army is gonna have itself a long, long walk.

    Similarly, the Aruernoi had already tried popping up in Campania for some reason.

    Is this a known thing? If so, can we pretty please keep it?

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    Default Re: Aruernoi re-emerging in Central Asia

    Simply put, faction re-emergence is broken. I've simplified it in the patch, which should hopefully minimise this a little, but we can't stop it happening entirely. There are hardcoded mechanics at work, the game can choose to ignore the chosen settlement re-emerge point, and instead pick wherever has the lowest public order. The script that tweaks order between turns on an emergence is supposed to steer it in the right direction, but this doesn't always work.

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    Default Re: Aruernoi re-emerging in Central Asia

    I had Pontos re-emerge in Central Europe. They did OK there.
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    Default Re: Aruernoi re-emerging in Central Asia

    I've had this happen with pretty much all the factions that have been destroyed. Ptolemies in Spain, Carthaginians in Anatolia, Hispanic factions in Anatolia and Dacia. Dacians in Anatolia... Sometimes the re-emergence isn't in cities are are revolting but just have low public order.

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