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Thread: How does region specific recruitment work?

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    Default How does region specific recruitment work?

    After playing a lot of this mod, I started thinking of some things that this mod could port over to Empire Total War and the one thing that I personally want to see the most is the regional recruitment.
    I love the idea of conquering a new territory and only being able to recruit units in the colours of the defeated enemy. A sort of forced conscription of POWs (which happened a lot in the 18th Century.

    So I wanted to know how this system works, and if it is possible to port it to Empire?

    Preferably, I would love if the modders turned their sights to improving Empire when they are done, but I don't think that will happen though im sure they could ask for permission from most of the modders to use some of their graphical mods to give them a leg up. For example, Darthmod has more or less correct uniforms for the 1700-1730s period for the Swedish.
    However, this isn't likely to happen, so I might as well try it myself if someone is willing to let me know.

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    Default Re: How does region specific recruitment work?

    Making it work is a LOT of work
    1- Make copies of every units, to have one copy for each possible region where a unit can be recruited.
    2- In the resource column replace global by something else
    3- Add a capacity limit
    4- Edit the startpos to add the required resource in every region where you want a unit to be recruited.

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