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Thread: Total Vanilla Beyond 3.3 Release - Once more with feeling and verve

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    Default Total Vanilla Beyond 3.3 Release - Once more with feeling and verve

    Once more with feeling... and some verve

    It is the beginning of the year 2016 and I just made a sacrifice to the minor god of modding, as I began to twist and turn Medieval 2 to my liking.
    Now 3 1/2 years later I am here and finished the project that startet as a small modification and my thought of sharing this personal mod.

    Total Vanilla Beyond 3.0 is the final iteration of this mod and is considered finished by me. So there will most likely be no new additions, expansions or whatever. I will leave this to submodders, if the need arises.
    The mod is tested in depth per hand (every faction) and I am not aware of any gamebreaking bugs (small bugs or elusive ones might have slipped me), so you are in for a very stable gameplay.

    This is a standalone version. No previous versions are needed for installing this mod.

    And I lied to you, thanks to Titus66 you now get the standalone #3.3, with lots of bugfixing, tweaks and content


    -Unpack the zip file
    -Put the unpacked "totalvanillab" folder into your "mods" folder of your Medieval 2 installation
    -use the appropriate bat file (steam or disc) to start the game

    Download 3.3

    2.5 GB download size (ca. 5 GB unpacked)!aPgj2Iga!xvk_oHxD5...zdP9yaDAdYa1E8

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