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Thread: After 180 turns - Suggestions!

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    Icon14 After 180 turns - Suggestions!

    Related to 2.1b Imperial Splendour, not RotR.

    First of all, this the best modification for Empire:Total War out there. The battle A.I. seems pretty decent when using European factions (almost on par with N:TW). I don't know what was done with the naval battles, but they are very challenging and balanced.You also gave some love to underappreciated factions like Portugal. Economy is another high point, there's more money than I'd like to, but it's fairly balanced and the overall plays nicely.


    a) Campaign AI: Overly aggressive and by turn 100 there's a ten factions or less on total. The CAI also is unable to properly build the territory, specially on the non-European theaters. If they own a huge territory, most of it will be completely unprotected. Spain, for instance, had huge colonial possessions and no fleet on the Americas.

    b) There are virtually no garrisons. This favours blitzkriegs and the exponential territorial expansion from the AI.

    c) Public order is too easy to manage. There's no rebellions and religious unrest plays no part at all on gameplay. I somewhat solved using this mod.


    There are some other mods out there that could enrich the gameplay of this one even more, if the due permission is granted.

    a) This one is a historically authentic artillery overhaul, with proper names for each country.

    b) This one has historically accurate Portuguese units and ships. Currently is part of the American Revolution mod.

    c) Would be interesting new building options. Pirate docks would be an interesting one for ports in the Americas, most famous buccaneers were at some point on a nation's service, with a letter of marque. Thus, would be interesting to recruit "pirate units" and ships with the correspondent building/tech, being not only historically authentic, but awesome.

    d) Increase public order penalties overall, revolutions are not only realistic, but fun, and help maintaining the status quo, regarding territorial possessions.

    Anyway, thank you delivering this awesome mod to us! I enjoyed the s* out of it! Cheers!
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