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    Can someone please explain Bosporan early game events to me? There are two events in the early game that ask you if you want to spend gold on researching new trade routes. I can't quite figure out what they do, except for taking my gold and triggering some locals. Any positive outcomes from it?

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    I figured the first one:

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    It builds sea patrol building in the capital city and also increases your standings with KH by quite a bit (mine went from distrustful to good on VH/VH). Sea patrol normally cost 2000, but with this event you can get it for 1000 plus a nice diplo bonus. So I guess it's ok to accept, even though money are of a luxury at the start of KB campaign.

    Still no idea what's the positive outcome from the second one. It
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    spawns some outraged maioitan army
    , but what's the positive side of it? Is it strictly negative?
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    The second gives you a trade income boost (representing profits from slavery) - check the province building if you've accepted.
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    You are right, thank you very much! It gives +1 trade and -5% happiness. Not sure if it's worth spending 2000 in the early game, also morality of selling your own people into slavery for some profit is highly questionable. I like the roleplay aspect of it though. Need more events like that with tough moral choices. Makes you feel like a real ruler and also provides a bit of customization.

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