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    I have done a clean install of this mod and am playing for the very first time NTW since it first came out. I'm playing 8.4 and have done all the necessary installations. Playing as Russia and have now decided to attack the Ottoman Empire but I cannot declare war? It refuses to let me! Also tried playing a few single player battles and the sound is mute? other than that it all seems fine. Am I missing something or is this a bug? comments will be appreciated.

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    Please read our thread for notes on the SP Campaign game:
    The AI was hard coded to have the Ottomans declare war on the Austrians in the first couple of turns. This was not realistic and distracted the Austrians from focusing on the French so we made the Ottomans neutral for the 1805 main campaign. You can play the 1805 Ottoman campaign as Austria, Russia or Ottoman faction and declare war on anyone that you wish.

    For the sound issue try deleting the preferences.script file located in the AppData/ Roaming/ The Creative Assembly/ Npoleon/ scripts folder. The game will rewrite a new preferences file on startup of a new game and should fix the sound problem. For further help with tech issues visit the Lordz forum:
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    the sound is still not fixed no sound coming from in game. I can hear the intro sound but nothing else

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