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Thread: Age of Petty Kings submod: ice and fire

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    Default Age of Petty Kings submod: ice and fire

    With proud I announce that Age of petty Kings has a standalone submod called "Age of Petty Kings: ice and fire"
    it contains new settlements, like king's landing and dragonstone and also some custom settlements.
    custom settlements:
    casterly rock
    kings landing
    and many others....

    new factions are the others in the north and the targaryans around dragonstone.

    targaryan faction has already have some units, the elite units are only for custom battle for now, developers are looking for getting them to work in campaign. elite units are also coming for the starks and lannisters


    install the first link like in the video and then install the patch.
    (thanks to zachman1201 for the video)
    To install this patch first extract the download and then paste the file into your mods folder. You must have V1.2 installed before adding this patch. -IMPORTANT- You must delete the .bin files and the .rwm file in the Petty_Kings_3 folder. To do this just go into the folder and search .bin and delete all the files it finds, and then search .rwm and delete that file. It may crash on your first launch but after that it will run fine. Install this for the best experience

    this is a standalone, no need for previous installations!
    for more questions contact the modders on, they gave me permission to open a topic here on the total war forum.

    1.1(outdated) changes:
    -Map Changes, including moat cailin and the wall
    -New Custom Settlements
    -New Heart Tree Watchtowers for Old Gods Factions
    -Faction rebalanced along with buildings.
    -Lots of New Buildings (see full list in game)
    -Lots of Minor text fixes for traits and ancillaries and other things
    -More in game

    1.2 changes:

    • New Others Strat Models
    • All factions receive a warning if the Nightfort has fallen
    • Rebalanced Buildings and Incomes (Still wouldn't say its perfect but better than before in my opinion)
    • Fixed Kings Landing (In the previous version the Targaryens can't build kings landing, was an accident but its fixed here.)
    • Ironborn and Mudd Family trees have been extended to include their lords so they aren't so easily wiped out as the AI. Ironborn factions now also own an extra island each and the lords associated with those islands are part of their faction.
    • Hammer of Justice can now be acquired at Oldstones

    1.2patch changes:

    • Removes the Wight strat models ice swords.
    • Make the Other Generals have Others as their bodyguard as they had accidently been changed to wights in the full version of 1.2.
    • Changes others captains to wights
    • Few other minor changes.

    my gratitude and thanks go to the developers of the mod.
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    Default Re: Age of Petty Kings submod: ice and fire

    It's hard keeping up with all these Game of Thrones mods for Medieval II, but someones gotta do it. I don't know if this is ASMR or an install video. I did make a major OOF near the beginning but I corrected it in the video, so sorries for that. But anyway, please let me know if you run into any issues with this installation and I will get back to you! Great mod!

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    Default Re: Age of Petty Kings submod: ice and fire

    Check out my YouTube channel below for more Total War and RTS content!

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