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Thread: No welcome and field costs notifications

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    Default No welcome and field costs notifications

    I've merged the English translation for BC7 with the Italian text from the Enhanced submod to play at least the biggest part of it in English. But now the boxes that would normally show the "Welcome" event and the "Extra costs" overview open up, but empty (no letters shown). I couldn't find their strings in the "text" folder so I'd like to know where they are saved and how I can make them appear again. So far, I haven't encountered any other similar issues.
    Thank you very much in advance.

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    They are in data\text\historic_events.txt

    This one is "Welcome"

    And this one is "Extra Costs"

    In the English text provided by the official BC team, they look like this:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    {PRESENTAZIONE_TITLE}Welcome to Bellum Crucis 6.2!
    {PRESENTAZIONE_BODY}Greetings my lord.\n\nBefore you begin your campaign, allow me to offer you advice that you may find valuable while making your first few moves. You will be given a precise report about the territory of your domains and the potentates around you, which should enable you to set your priorities.\n\nDo you wish to allow your councilor to speak?
    {COSTI_SUPPLETIVI_TITLE}Summary of Extra Costs
    {COSTI_SUPPLETIVI_BODY}My Lord, this is a summary of the costs, estimated by your dutiful bureaucrats, for the maintenance of our armed forces and settlements. These figures represent a "penalty" reduction to the financial statement. The amounts represent your estimated payments to be made at the end of this season.\n\nATTENTION: this summary will no longer be displayed during the course of the campaign. To review the supplemental costs you should consult the Bellum Crucis manual.\n\n\nMAINTENANCE OF ARMED FORCES:\n\nCost in bezants for each captain in enemy territory: 600\n\nCost in bezants for each siege maintained: 1000\n\n\nMAINTENANCE OF SETTLEMENTS: \n\nNumber of Settlements Held Cost in bezants\n\n(x = number of faction initial settlements)\n\n x 10\n\n x+1 500\n\n x+2 1000\n\n x+3 1500\n\n x+4 2000\n\n x+5 2500\n\n x+6 3000\n\n x+7 3500\n\n x+8 4000\n\n x+9 4500\n\n x+10 5000\n\n x+11 6000\n\n x+12 7000\n\n x+13 8000\n\n x+14 9000\n\n x+15 10000\n\n x+16 11000\n\n x+17 12000\n\n x+18 13000\n\n x+19 14000\n\n x+20 15000\n\n x+21 16500\n\n x+22 18000\n\n x+23 19500\n\n x+24 21000\n\n x+25 22500\n\n x+26 24000\n\n x+27 25500\n\n x+28 27000\n\n x+29 28500\n\n x+30 30000\n\n x+31 32000\n\n x+32 34000\n\n x+33 36000\n\n x+34 38000\n\n x+35 40000\n\n x+36 42000\n\n x+37 44000\n\n x+38 46000\n\n x+39 48000\n\n x+40 50000\n\n x+41 52500\n\n x+42 55000\n\n x+43 57500\n\n x+44 60000\n\n x+45 62500\n\n x+46 65000\n\n x+47 67500\n\n x+48 70000\n\n x+49 72500\n\n x+50 75000\n\n x+51 77500\n\n x+52 and more 80000\n\n\n

    However there is no sense that the "welcome title" shows "Welcome to Bellum Crucis 6.2!" in Bellum Crucis 7, obviously the developer or the translator forgot to update.
    So in my case I simply modify it as: {PRESENTAZIONE_TITLE}Welcome to Bellum Crucis 7.0!

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    Default Re: No welcome and field costs notifications

    Thanks a lot, the events work correctly now. Strangely, the same, slightly different strings had been present in the file previously but did now show up. Maybe there had been a typo in the headers, but I can't say why it should have been any different than yours. Anyway, I'm glad that the problem is solved.

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