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    Default Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    Ottoman Total Overhaul Mod :
    (continuation of the Ottoman Realism Mod)

    Mod DB page :
    Total War Türkiye

    Awards :

    2016 Empire Total War Compilations and Overhaul Mods

    List of Changes :

    The Ottoman : Total Overhaul Mod has two versions ; the Light and the Full version. It is not merely an overhaul of the Ottoman Empire, but a re-balancing of the whole game that focuses on bringing Eastern factions more to life. The Ottomans, Safavids, Mughals and the Barbary States have seen some improvements, and all factions will have more units, a fully overhauled economics, a better AI, battle mechanics.

    I - Battle Overhaul :

    A better morale system !

    Major issues we had regarding the way Morale works in Empire : Total War were fixed. In the base game, as soon as the ennemy army routs, if you finish the battle immediately, all routing units of the ennemy are slaughtered even if every single man of that unit was alive. That is very unrealistic and makes earning decisive and heroic victories far too easy. To fix that issue, morale is in effect higher, especially when men have an elevation advantage, their flanks covered, or are
    inspired by their general.

    That change is mainly made for gameplay. It allow the AI to be much more effective in battles ; battles can be costly for the player too ! We recommend playing on Hard or Very Hard battle difficulty for challenge.
    Units also recover from routs faster ; allowing the AI's broken and shattered units to have time to run outside the battlefield, if you lack cavalry to cut them down.

    Improved firing mechanics !

    Unit accuracy stat is now in percentage. If an unit has an accuracy of 5, it means every soldier has a 5% chance of hitting an ennemy at a 70 meters distance. This makes the differences between units easier to see than having an arbitrary 40 or 50. At the same time, killing power at a long range is lower than in the base game, while killing power at a close range is really decisive.
    At the same time, currently, all soldiers in the unit that have line of sight will fire. You will no longer have soldiers waiting around for no reason.

    As such, firing drills such as the overly-powerful rank fire, and platoon fire (that felt like a downgrade) have been removed. Their technologies instead give different significant buffs.

    Similarly, muskets are now reloaded in around 20 seconds. It is a number that is rather close to reality ; and makes the soldiers have more realistic animations rather than just "pumping" with their ramrod for 30+ seconds which would be very unrealistic. Overall, we sought to make the formula to understand how unit stats work more transparent.

    Reload Rate Effect Calculation : If you want to calculate the precise reload rate of an unit, use this formula : 6 + 14 x (100-Reload Rate) = Reload Time in seconds.
    For example : 50 reload rate ; 6 + 14 x (100-50) = 13 seconds.
    0 reload rate ; 6 + 14 x 100 = 20 seconds

    No spiderman ! How come all units somehow pull grappling hooks seemingly out of their ar** ? Now grappling hooks are reserved to only two kinds of units ; Grenadiers and Melee Specialists. Because of that, think about bringing those units or cannons whenever you besiege an ennemy fort ! You can use the same unit to place several grappling hooks, if they do not get gunned down. Please note that any unit can use grappling hooks that are already placed.

    Battlefield AmbianceThe battlefields are much more alive. Gunfire and cannon fire has a more realistic sound, soldiers shout, speak with each other and scream when they are hurt. Hand to hand combat makes sound. Generally, battles are much better to listen to and louder, rather than the infamous peaceful silence of default Empire : Total War.

    Graphical Improvement
    : The textures of all european units are improved (FULL edition only); and shaders and filters equivalent to the quality of Napoleon : Total War and even newer instalments are used !

    Larger units sizes (Full edition only): Now your units have 320 units instead of 160 ! That makes battles much more grand in scale and epic. If your computer struggles with it, you can still easily lower the unit size to 160 in the game settings.

    Empire Realism Mod's Fatigue and Cohesion system : I was thankfully allowed by JaM to use his Empire : Total War cohesion system !
    It is a system made to simulate the cohesion of the unit, how well it responds to commands. It affects the units accuracy, melee combat and morale. Close combat, being shot at, firing, and so on cause cohesion fast cohesion loss.

    Musket fire lowers cohesion significantly as firing drills cannot be kept effectively for a long time, causing soldiers to fire their weapons out of order. Furthermore, the chaos, sounds and smoke caused by the musket prevented the musketeers from seeing the ennemy and caused significant accuracy loss. The cohesion system simulates that as well.

    II - Campaign Overhaul :

    Standing Armies : Recruiting units is expensive. You have to train them, to equip them, to transport them, to organize them. However, once your army is trained, it is less expensive to maintain. That is made to make the AI and the player train units in the long run, unable to spawn armies out of nowhere. And, discourage disbanding units since their maintenance cost is low. At the same time, due to the lower maintenance costs, small factions can have large armies if built up over a long time ; should their economy be actually decent.

    The impact of battles is also much more important. Loosing an army is actually a hit. Replenishing your units is expensive. And, you cannot replenish in ennemy territory.

    A much Smarter AI (Bran Mac Born's AI) :

    The AI has seem major improvements thanks to Bran Mac Born and is actually quite decent ! It is able to launch naval invasions, actually considers their strength compared to yours. if you are stronger than them, they won't attack you. The AI will also be much more likely to suggest peace, rather than fight until complete annihilation. Last but not least ; militarily, the AI tries to expand and gain territories. Even small factions can be found expanding and becoming quite significant !

    Wars are now a factor for political stability. Your capital region has now patriotism that is very represented and winning or loosing wars is a major factor for happiness there. If you loose too many battles your risk revolts or even revolutions ; the people or the nobility overthrowing an unsuccessful government ! If you win people will be happy. This means that defeat in war will cause political loss of stability leading to even riots or attempts to overthrow the current government !

    A whole new economy :

    In an attempt to make the economy more challenges ; quite a few modifications were made.

    Trade ; you need goods to export ! Trading will not bring you a profit if you have no commodities. That prevents factions such as the Ottoman Empire that have many trade ports to make 15 000 from trading despite having no commodities. However, commodity buildings are made more potent in consequence. They are actually comparable to small trading fleets, rather than be the equivalent of 1 or 2 trade ships in the base game. Overall, trade will be less overpowered, but still quite powerful.

    Taxes were adjusted : the incidence of taxes on economic growth was decreased ! It is too easy to exploit the base game economics by lowering taxes and getting massive economic growth out of almost nowhere ; eclipsing the AI that always keeps taxes at much higher rates. That is no longer possible.

    Growth was adjusted ; infrastructure and education have a stronger impact on economic growth. The impact of industry has seen a very minor decrease. Thanks to the modification to the effects of taxes ; economic growth actually requires investment in infrastructure and education as well as research in economics and industry.

    More Factions (Full Edition Only) : Portugal, the Mughal Empire, Persia, the Crimean Khanate are now fully playable with absolutely no FOV issues and even specific victory conditions !

    III - Faction and Unit Overhauls :

    Ottoman Empire :

    The Ottoman Empire has seen a major overhaul with a more historically accurate army organization and better textures for their units.

    Retexture : The Ottomans soldiers are now a better-looking and more historically accurate red. Meanwhile, in the Full version, the textures of the Ottoman Realism Mod were added to the Ottomans improving the quality of many pre-existing unit models !

    Units : The Ottoman Army was divided into multiple armies. The Kapikulu Army, made up of the Janissaries and Kapikulu Sipahis. They were an elite army under the command of the Sultan, and are clearly the upper tier units of the Ottomans. Altough old-fashioned in their fighting style, they are still a force to be reckoned with able to defeat Russian and Venetian armies (such as the campaigns of Baltaci Mehmet Pasha who conquered Azov from Russia, or Silahdar Damat Ali Pasha who conquered the region of Morea from Venice - generals that are present in the campaign).

    Then the Serhatkulu and Yerlikulu armies that are the armies stationned at the frontiers, or in the service of local lords. They are rather corrupt, and made up of old-fashionned inferior quality units. Using those units, you will be outmatched by modern western forces, but they are still quite good as garrison. The Timarli Army (or Feudal Army) made of the Timarli Sipahi and Cebelü Horsemen ; old fashioned feudal-style cavalry that is still quite effective. Finally, the modernized Nizam-I Cedid Army ; an army made on the European model.

    While the Light version mostly retextures and re-balances units, the Full version adds many units to the Ottomans.

    Technologies (Full Version Only) : The Ottomans begin with a disadvantaging technology : Ottoman Feudalism. It represents the corruption and decentralization of the Ottoman state and Army during that era. It reduces the tax income ; as a result of corruption, and lowers the morale of your units. It is possible to get rid of it through research of Reforms. Two reform technologies were added. The first of these technologies causes revolts (based off the Sekban and Janissary Revolts) and the second pacifies the revolts. When you have researched both technologies, the downsides of Ottoman Feudalism will be completely gone.

    Finally, the Millet System has been added. A system of confessional community laws that allowed "millets" of different religions (such as the Rum - Orthodox, the Catholics, Jewish, Armenian and Muslim) to all be judged by courts corresponding to their own set of beliefs. It causes a decrease in religious unrest. Indeed, in that era, most revolts in the Ottoman Empire were not religious ; but military (Sekban and Janissary revolts).

    Safavid Empire (Full Edition) :

    Persia was given its historically accurate name ; that of Safavid Empire.

    The Safavid Empire has quite a few new historical units in the Full version as well as the innacurate Mughal units that were assigned to it by default removed. In the Full version, historically accurate units such as the Qurchi, the Ghulam, the Savar, the Suwaruh and the Tofangchis were added. The superior units of the Safavid Military are the Kizilbashi and the Ghulam.

    Technologies were also added in the Full version, in a much similar fashion to the Ottomans. In reality, the Safavid Empire fell in 1736 ; only a few decades after the start of the game. To represent this, the negative effects of the technologies over the Safavid Empire are much more severe ; while saving the Safavid Empire through reforms called the Aslahat Reforms is still possible.

    The Safavids are not an easy faction to play as ; but have seen quite a major overhaul to hopefully make them more historically accurate and enjoyable.

    Other Factions (Full Edition) :

    The Barbary States have seen some changes and an overhaul as to make them more historically accurate and playable. The Barbary States now have Ottoman units alongside Berber and Fellahin (Arabic) units. Morrocco also gets access to barbary pirates, but not to Ottoman Units due to them not being a protectorate of the Ottoman Empire ; yet being part of the Barbary Coast. They also get access to the Barbary Pirates (Kalyoncu/Levend) that make for a cheap, but decent infantry.

    Meanwhile, the Mughal were supposed to be a playable faction in default Empire : Total War but were cut for unknown reasons. Some units were added to them by the Ottoman Realism Team in the Full Version.

    Finally, there is a setting in the Full Version to play as Greece with new customized units mixing both Western Style and Eastern Style armies depending on the direction in which you expand.
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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    Download Link

    Additionnal Information :

    Should you choose the Light or the Full version?

    The Full version has more content and many units added to all factions ; it is really a major change compared to default Empire : Total War with larger unit sizes, and a massive new amount of content and changes in gameplay. However, to the cost of such a major change comes a risk of having some bugs and lack of polish on details. Everything is not perfectly balanced, though unbalances are overall rather minor. The sound and texture changes also make the ambience on the battlefield or the campaign map much better !

    The Light version has less content and less units added. However, it is made to keep the essence of the Ottoman : Total Overhaul Mod ; and make it perfectly polished and in line with the base game. The changes are not dramatic, and there are much fewer retextures ; changes are major but overly ambitious. If you prefer an experience more similar to Vanilla Empire Total War ; while perfectly bug-free and polished but still improved and deeper in every single way ; I can only recommend the Light Edition.

    How to make unit sizes even larger or smaller ?

    1) Go to :[%appdata%] - and open [(...)/The Creative Assembly/Empire/Scripts].
    2) Open the [preferences.empire_script] and find [campaign_unit_multiplier 1; ]
    3) Set the value (1) to whichever value you want. If you set it to 2, the unit sizes will be doubled !
    4) Launch the game and do not go into settings (because it resets the unit sizes)

    How to enable free camera ?

    1) Go to :[%appdata%] - and open [(...)/The Creative Assembly/Empire/Scripts].
    2) Open the [preferences.empire_script] and find [default_camera_type 0; ]
    3) Set the value (0) to 2 ; and you will have a completely free camera.
    4) Launch the game and do not go into settings (because it resets the camera setting).

    How to install :

    Light Version :
    1) Download the last version of the Ottoman Total Overhaul Mod following the link and extract it.
    2) Put the contents of the [OTO 2.X.X/data] folder in the [C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/Data] folder. Override if you have to.

    Full Version :

    1) Download the last version of the Ottoman Total Overhaul Mod following the link and extract it.
    2) Put the contents of the [OTO 2.X.X/data] folder in the [C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/Data] folder.
    3) Go to :[%appdata%] - and open [(...)/The Creative Assembly/Empire/Scripts].
    4) Take the file in the [OTO 2.X.X/User Script], the file is named user.empire_script and put it in the [(...)/Empire/Scripts] folder.

    Now you have installed the mod. It was rather easy huh ?

    Credits to :

    The Ottoman Realism Team for the units and the Ottoman Empire retextures, as well as the balancing.
    Special thanks to Amir Timur, Ramses, Goutlard and Nizam.

    To Remo for the Austrian and Prussian skins.
    To Danova and his Ornamentum
    skinpack for the Albanian Militia Skins.
    SirDigby Chicken Ceasar for some models, skins and european units of Kaiser, Tsar, Kayser and Ghaysar.
    To Mech_Donald for the blood mod.
    To somerandomninja for cavalry standard bearers.
    To Bran Mac Born for the NTW graphics mod.
    To Adrian74
    for the texture of some greek units, solak janissaries, yerliye janissaries, and many other.
    To Emre Kocasu and his Dawn of the Turks mod for M&B for some models and skins.
    To Bavarian Grenadier for his retexture of European units.
    To Sirlion for the sounds and battle ambiance from the Battle Chaos Mod.

    To Ahiga for his support and willingness to help.
    To Erasmus777 for answering questions and helping.
    To HusserlTW for the startpos file.
    To Darth Vader for the Darthmod AI.
    To Bran Mac Born for the Campaign and Battle AI from his own campaign AI mod.
    BraselC504 for the Diplomacy almost completely fixed mod, as well as the town wealth fix mod.
    To Taw for discovering how to fix the diplomacy.
    To JaM, and DaVinci for making the awesome Empire Realism mod ; and for the unit cohesion system.

    To KnightErrant for the mesh converter.
    To Ltchambers for the pack file manager and DB editor.

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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    Well done sir, looks like a lot of hard work went into this.

    "No problem can withstand the assault of sustained Dufferism"

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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    The AI Workshop Creator
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    Rome: Total Realism Animation Developer
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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    Thank you very much .
    The final version is not released yet ; it will be in a few days.
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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    The Final Light version has been uploaded !
    Link : Ottoman Total Overhaul - Light Version (Final)
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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    Hello, I had a good time playing one of your previous version some times ago.
    Just to clarify something : the full version isn't released yet, is it ?

    I can't wait to play it again, the changes since the last time I played look interesting !

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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    This is compatible with minor factions revenge

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    Default Re: Mod Characteristics & Download Link

    Quote Originally Posted by The Wandering Storyteller View Post
    This is compatible with minor factions revenge
    No, however the full version enables many of the minor factions in a similar way to the Minor Factions Revenge Mod.
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