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Thread: Chaos Dwarfs Through the Ages

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    Default Chaos Dwarfs Through the Ages

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever compilation of official Chaos Dwarf miniature developments through the ages!

    This overview of Games Workshop and Forgeworld's various iterations of Chaos Dwarfs will take you from the very beginnings up to the present day (April 2019), and showcase the evolution of the weird and wondrous concepts embedded in our Chaos Dwarfs.

    This thread deals with Chaos Dwarf concepts in official miniatures. For compilation attempts at community homebrew work on Chaos Dwarfs, see Carven Images (CDO 2007-2017) and the Chaos Dwarf Culture Project.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Just a friendly reminder that images like this should be put in spoilers!
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    Typos cleared out and much more importantly, Mini-Me Marauder Chaos Dwarfs (with comparisons to their Human Chaos Warrior counterparts) have been added into 1980s - 3rd Edition. Check it out!

    Zygmund over on Warhammer Empire had this observation to share on Chaos Dwarfs as a concept:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zygmund
    What would be even more interesting is the question why Chaos Dwarfs?

    Why not Chaos Goblins, Chaos Orcs, Chaos Halflings, etc. etc.?

    My guess is that Dwarfs in the Norse legends and folk beliefs are morally ambivalent, and many are outright evil. Even Tolkien makes a mention that in ME some Dwarfs were so consumed with envy that they became evil. So evil Dwarfs. Then GW made the obvious link to good Dwarfish armour, maybe even Dwarfish Chaos armour, and machines. Add an (un)healthy dosis of Punk, Giger and Cthulhu, and there you have it, I'd guess.


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