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    How do you guys handle FOW? i read sometime ago that the ai is not effected by it

    do you turn fow off some times ?
    i like too see the battles on the world and what they do
    but then again its a great feeling to build watchtowers and dont know whats coming and send spies to countries to track the wars

    how do you experienced EB players handle it?

    And also a year ago i used a battle hornes mod because i was not content with the diversity of the horns in the game

    are there any plans for that``?


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    I build watchtowers to keep an eye on my own territory, spies to watch potential threats and explore next invasions. I disable fow occasionally to look how the world looks, but I don't do it in order to "cheat", just out of curiousity.

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    Not being able to see the map unless you invest in watchtowers and agents is one of the greatest features of the game, but I can see why someone would like to try full transparency for a change. I agree completely with what the orginal poster said about not knowing what is coming.

    As for the AI, I do not think that they have at least full visibility, because an AI faction's behavior changes often radically if you give them map information. Seems to be an invitation to aggression, as they now know where your weaknesses lie.

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    like the posters above, I too build watch towers and patrol spies in my province, because even by turning off fog of war, you still can't spot some roaming stacks in your territory, and you need at least watch towers can spot those roaming stacks. I also suspect that watch towers cannot spot enemies in ambush, so I also keep spies in areas and let them patrol around looking for ambushes.

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    thanks guys ill turn it off and once a few years take a look at the progress of the world

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