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    Brilliant mod. Was wondering if I'm supposed to have the 'liberate' and 'vassalize' options after taking a settlement. Playing as Korinthos at the moment and I don't have them. They were mentioned in the manual or maybe it's specific to Korinthos.

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    mate which settlement were you taking?
    It will depend on the situation - If the faction was destroyed or if it's a specialized settlement.

    For example, Messenia in southern Peloponnese can be "liberated" if you take Pylos from Lakedaimon. Messenia will then act as kind of an "emergent" faction under these specific circumstances.
    Otherwise liberating can only be done if the faction was previously destroyed. If Korkyra only had their main city and is conquered by Korinthos - Athens can re-conquer Korkyra from Korinthos and will then have the option to "liberate"...Making Korkyra a separate faction again but vassal/satrapy of Athens.

    When you take a town you should always have the option of:

    Subjugate will only be an option if you are taking the last/only city in possession of the enemy faction.

    In my experience subjugate is never a good option because Hellenes do not like being enslaved/subjugated and will always rebel - this mod is no different
    Liberating is great because the recipient faction will be a vassal of yours and will love you for it! This creates a strong ally for you especially in more distant regions where you don't have
    such a strong military presence.

    I hope this helps.

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    Cheers! Greatly appreciated.

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