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Thread: RR/RC for IND

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    By reading comments in the Discussion thread, I got the impression that IND doesn't have my EDU changes. I don't know why, since I sent Neadal the files back in early 2016. In any case, here is the EDU I did back then:

    Neadal's post #29 in this thread - - , shows that all the four files I included in that zip are needed. However, from the dates on the three besides the EDU, I can tell I didn't make any changes to those.

    Don't forget to change the EDU's name when using it [it's currently export_descr_unit.txt (2)].

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    Freaking crap, I can't edit my posts again.

    The EDB probably needs adjusting too, but I didn't do that, since when I did the work, IND was only a Custom Battle mod.

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    Too bad, that would really be a great improvement in the campaign. What do you mean with "adjusting"? Were there new units added since then?

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