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    Hey everyone.

    With the mod being updated (in addition to my computer) I felt it necessary to re-visit my Athenian campaign. I reverted back to the earliest save point that I think was 9 turns in.
    First I want to say this mod is even BETTER with the recent Rome II updates. The combat feels more fluid and realistic with the AI being a bit more intelligent and proactive in battles.

    the fact that naval ships now leave the area after they drop off the foot unit free's up the landing spot...Is enough for a vastly improve experience.
    At this point I haven't encountered any major bugs or areas of concern.

    Part 1 (Old footage)

    Part 2 (Old Footage)

    Part 3 (Old Footage)

    Part 4 on wards will be updated footage with my improved PC and microphone. Unfortunately I have to take off the hellenika music sub-mod because some of the songs give me severe copyright claims - actually blocking the video entirely in all countries.

    When I look back at some of the battle footage it really makes me realise how amazing the combat mechanics are in Hellenika to the point where I find it difficult to play any other mod (even DEI). I wish the battle mechanics could be incorporated in DEI as you can really pull off some stunning (yet highly realistic) victories using the right tactics.

    Cheers !
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