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Thread: Interloper....for life?

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    Icon9 Interloper....for life?

    I had a family member who is stuck with the interloper trait for life??

    I am Rome and a family member had to stay in a allied settlement for one turn before that settlement can train a governor, or else the settlement would rebel. So after one turn the family member got the interloper trait and i sent him elsewhere. Now 20 game years later he is still stuck with the interloper trait....

    Is this intended?

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    Have you tried keeping him outside of any settlements for a few turns?

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    2 turns outside a settlement will clear it.

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    Does he retain the trait even when you let him sit outside of a settlement alone (with no other generals) for one turn? The interloper trait always disappears for me when I let the general sit outside of a settlement and army with another general for at least one turn. If it's the usurper trait, which is twice as bad (due to leaving him in a client kingdom for two turns or more), then I think you have to have him sit outside a settlement for two whole turns like that for it to disappear entirely, getting knocked down a level with each turn.

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    thanks guys now i think this guy's career is gonna get saved .... at the ripe age of 51.

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