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Thread: broken fog of war and mini map

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    Default broken fog of war and mini map

    been doing some modding with geo baremod and adding in crusader units. every little while after some copy/editing checking out the results and ran into this, anyone know what I may have broken? goes away if i toggle_fow but comes back if I do it again.
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    I seem to be looking for help too soon today, this is the second time i've figured out my own problem, probably should be less impatient.

    in copying files from the crusader expansion I copied map_fog.tga from the crusaders data/world/maps/imperial_campaign into my own.

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    Default Re: broken fog of war and mini map

    as long as you come back and post the solution its still helpful, you won't be the last to make a mistake/have a question, so don't feel bad if you figure it out yourself, just remember to post the solution for the next person who runs into something similar.
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    Default Re: broken fog of war and mini map

    Similar issues happen if you have map files in both the base and the imperial_campaign folder. The latter will be from copying a provincial\custom campaign set up.

    Seeing that water_surface is in the imperial_campaign folder as well I am guessing this was at some stage a provincial campaign. Gotta love those pitfalls from 'bad housekeeping'.
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