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Thread: What Video Recorder is lag-free for Rome Total War and its mods?

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    Default What Video Recorder is lag-free for Rome Total War and its mods?

    I used to have no lag with Bandicam, but of course when i am ready to record my first campaign in Total War: 1942, the stupid recorder start to cause lag whenever recording. I don't know why but i know it didn't lag in january.

    Is there any other recorder out there that won't cause the engine to heavily slow down/lag?

    I have one recorder that works great using the Nvidia Geforce graphic card. But the issue with it is that i cannot edit any files created using it in Windows Movie Maker - and i am certainly not up to date with what editing programs people use nowadays?

    So i have this issue with either recording in heavy lag, or recording without lag but not being able to edit the files afterwards.

    Anyone know of a good recorder or a solution to Bandicam lagging in Rome?
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