Hey, folks. I'm one of the many fans who put Rome 2 aside in disgust when it launched due to just how bad it was way back then. I'm told things are better now, and I'm hoping to give the game a fair-er shot (the UI is still really bad, though, which weirds me out given how many patches there have been). Anyway, my #1 problem with the game now is the same as my #1 problem with the game back when it launched (well, not counting performance issues): basically, army collission mechanics are an absolute nightmare. I'm curious if there's a toggle burined in the options menu somewhere that fixes this, or a mod, or some other method I could use to make battles... well, tolerable.

I'm not sure how exactly to describe the issue, only to call it a "mosh pit." IE when units collide, they get waaaaaaay too close to each other. Everyone's pressed up against everyone else, cheek-to-cheek. It looks absolutely ridiculous. See:


Back when the game launched, I assumed this was just broken like every other aspect of Rome 2 at the time. But... it's still like that, so it must be intentional? It's weird, 'cause I remember back when Shogun 2 launched the devs made a big deal about how careful they were programming all these fancy unit animations, but in Rome 2 there's not enough space between units to even see ANY animations; I also just grabbed Warhammer II Total War this week (it's on sale) and... surprise, surprise, it doesn't suffer from the same "mosh pit" unit collission problem as Rome 2.

So... is there a fix or workaround for this?