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Thread: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

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    Default [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Reunited Kingdom Submod

    Download Version 1.0

    This submod allows the Northern Dúnedain faction to form the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor. It is a very simple script which does not involve any external folder swaps (requiring the user to restart the game after using a batch file or etc.).


    • Aragorn's quest must be completed to the point where the Oathbreakers spawn, at this point, you will be able to press SHIFT + R to see the objectives for the Reunited Kingdom
    • Aragorn must be present in Anorian (Minas Tirith region)
    • Annuminas, Fornost Erain, and Amon Sul must be owned by Northern Dunedain
    • Minas Tirith, Osgiliath E, and Osgiliath W must be owned by Gondor, Dol Amroth, or the Northern Dunedain
    • Breeland and the Shire must be owned by Breeland or the Northern Dunedain
    • the Northern Dúnedain must be allied to the Breeland and Gondor


    • Gondor and Breeland join the Northern Dúnedain - if Dol Amroth is allied, they will also join, if they are not allied, they may become hostile
    • Aragorn gets the Crown of Elendil ancillary, a new strat model, and the Gondor bodyguard
    • Gondor & Dol Amroth units are unlocked (they have been removed from the Beacon of Hope)
    • Gondor militia units can be trained everywhere that Dúnedain militia can be trained
    • Gondor and Dol Amroth generals inherit Gondorian strategy map models, Northern Dúnedain and Breeland generals inherit Arnorian strategy map models

    Please note that this submod is only a Reunited Kingdom script, it does not contain any of the other features of the Heirs of Elendil submod. However, I encourage you to use the Heirs of Elendil Discord server for questions and support related to this submod.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Thank you for providing such a quick update for DaC 3! Can't wait for the full mod!

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Awesome +rep for you!

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    I seem to be getting Aragorn's bodyguard as the silver surfer. Note please that i did cheat before the barracks event to get the reunited kingdom. I want to test it to see if it is working. Does Aragorn's unit need the barracks event to go through? Does TRK need the baracks event to work properly?

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    @keksimir - Thanks, here is the bmdb file which should go in data/unit_models to fix those silver surfers. This is save-game-compatible. I've also updated the ModDB download. Please let me know if you find any other issues.

    This particular RK script has no turn number condition. After doing the Aragorn quest, it can be theoretically united as early as turn 12-15 or somewhere around there (assuming you use console commands). It is not in any way linked to the barracks event although I believe some Gondor/DA units will remain locked until the barracks event.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Much appreciated friend

    How terrible it must be to face us; the sons of the wolf and the bear! Even now fear works in the bowels of our foes! I do not fight with a cool head today, I admit it. My eyes see only a red mist. I do not want them to run from battle, I want their heads on our pikes by evening! We go now to our bloody business!

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    So I just fulfilled the conditions to create the Reunited kingdom but unfortunately nothing happened. I did it after destroying the ring so not sure if that caused an issue but it looks like something may be wrong with the script as pressing shift + R after getting the oathbreakers didn't do anything either.

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    @bob124 - I don't see any way that the RK script could be tied to the One Ring but it's a reasonable guess. There is no indication that the script is working until you get the oathbreakers when SHIFT + R should work. I think it's more likely, therefore, that the script wasn't working in the first place possibly due to an installation issue. What you can do is go into data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign/campaign_script.txt (preferably edit with Notepad++) and find the section Script: Reunited Kingdom and scroll down to where you will see a bunch of commented out stuff. Delete the ";" for this monitor (lines 7119 through 7247), save the file, and start a new campaign. You will now be able to unite the RK as soon as you press SHIFT + R (I recommend waiting until turn 2 to do this). If it doesn't work, then something is overwriting the campaign_script file you edited. If it does work, then something in the script file is preventing the pathway event_counter from being set to 1. This might be somehow related to the One Ring script but really the only way to confirm that is to test with destroying the One Ring and without destroying it.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Huh that was it, somehow my campaign_text file got overwritten and removed the script. Sorry to bother you about it, it works fine now.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    I've updated the files to work with the most recent patch of DAC V3 (3.7), fixed an event message CTD, and fixed scripts (Spawning Pool) showing up in the faction rankings scroll.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    I can't quite get it to work, the game always crashes the turn after all the requirements are met and i have made sure to modify the campaign_script as stated above.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    @Spenser2012 - If you've downloaded the most recent version of the submod, it shouldn't be CTDing. If you are using the most recent version, please post your log file.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Thanks for this mod mate, awesome stuff. Could I ask what files I'd need to edit to add other factions to the kingdom? If possible, I'd like to add a few of the factions around Eriador like the Middlemen (when the quest is completed it's just Gondor, Bree, and Dol Amroth right?). Tell me if this is lore-breaking and horrific.

    Cheers for any help.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    @MrNecrophile - Well, it would be lore-breaking and horrific, and it's bad enough that this RK script merges 4 factions already, but that's not going to stop me from helping you mod!

    What you would need to do is go into campaign_script.txt and do a search for "script: reunited kingdom" which will take you to the pertinent script. There, you will find some lines that say "give_everything_to_faction denmark turks" (which is for Dol Amroth) or "give_everything_to_faction sicily turks" (for Gondor), you simply need another one of these lines for whatever other factions you want to add to the script. You will need to know the internal faction names which can be looked up in expanded.txt by searching for the display names.

    If you spend more time investigating the script, you will see that it respawns the Gondor generals (if they're still alive at the time of unification) so that they will have Gondor BGs. They also have Gondor general traits so they will have Gondorian strat models. You can replicate these effects for whatever other factions you like but you are limited to the 10 custom strat models that ND (and any other faction) can have and it will require some further investigation and work on your part. Good luck and let me know if you need more help.

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    Awesome, thanks for all that info - I was wondering where I'd be able to find the faction names within the M2 framework. I was looking around text files thinking 'who the is denmark?', and it was after two or three of those that didn't give clear indications who they were that I realised this was futile.

    Once again, thanks for the mod and your further assistance.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    As I said, you can also look up the faction names in expanded.txt. But here is the list in one place.

    DAC Faction List
    - Dorwinion = byzantium
    - Rhun = venice
    - Gondor = sicily
    - Dunedain = turks
    - Dunland = aztecs
    - Imladris = egypt
    - Vale of Anduin = timurids
    - Dol Amroth = denmark
    - Harad = spain
    - Rohan = milan
    - Isengard = france
    - Dale = scotland
    - Dwarves of Erebor = moors
    - Woodland Realm = mongols
    - Ar Adumain = russia
    - Dwarves of Khazad-dum = norway
    - Khand = khand
    - Mordor = england
    - Goblins = hre
    - Ered Luin = hungary
    - Lothlorien = ireland
    - Angmar = portugal
    - Dol Guldur = poland
    - Lindon = saxons
    - Clans of the Enedwaith = teutonic_order
    - Bree = normans
    - Gundabad = gundabad
    - Sauron = papal_states
    - RK = united
    - Ents = ents (unused)
    - scripts (used for scripts)
    - Rebels = slave

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Why give Aragorn the generic Gondor BG? Aren't they worse than the Grey Company?
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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    @Double A - To signify that he is the leader of the Reunited Kingdom. The Grey Company (ranger-themed) unit would not be fitting. Since this is a bare-bones RK script, it does not include any upgrade models for the Grey Company nor a second unique BG unit.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Доброго времени суток всем! Обращаюсь к разработчикам данного подмодуля. Могли бы вы разработать подобный сценарий, только для темных фракций.
    Т.е. после захвата "кольца Всевластья" командирами Мордора и воплащения Саурона, фракции Мрак Дол-Гулдура и Тени Ангмара переходят под управление фракции Мордора(как это и было в моде Third Age). С сохранением своих линеек юнитов и гербов.
    Буду очень благодарен за решение этой задачи.

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Дополнение: ...и воплащения Саурона...

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