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    Default Diplomacy

    This mod is exactly what i have been looking for!
    And now with b0Gia's fixes is as stable as most good mods are
    But there still is a major problem that if anyone knows the solution to please advise me.

    I play as the Lacedemonians (max difficulty of course) as i am one irl,and i try to play but remain as historical as possible (no blobbing) i don't want to control half of the globe by the time the Persians arive, so i did as my forefathers did and when i was attacked by Argos for example i profited from the war but wanted to give everything up to return to status quo so i conquered Argos and all cities but one (enslaved some) annihilated all armies and then i offered them all back for an alliance but the ai didnt accept
    ok i think but i don't want to blob so i gave them up for nothing in return still not accepted is the ai suicidal?With heavy heart i destroyed them and same think happened with Korinth.
    Next i noticed all of Athens except Euoia was controlled by the Boeitioi i couldn't allow that for historical reasons so i reclaimed Athens and gave it to the friendly Athenians who promptly denied it!

    So please help me friends is there any way to play and be able not to blob?
    Any way to make the ai be reasonable and self interested?
    or force the ai if necessary?

    All advice appreciated thanks for your time!

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    Default Re: Diplomacy

    Since no one seems to be replying lets be more precise:

    Is there any way to use console commands or edit the save file or do something else to force diplomacy with ai (alliances , accepting of cities or other diplomatic options)?

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    Default Re: Diplomacy

    There was back to time one script, force diplomacy that you forced the ai to accept what you want.
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    Default Re: Diplomacy

    Anyone have any luck getting a force diplomacy mod to work with this version? (4.1)

    I tried implementing it myself but had no luck at all. Must be the Background Script already running.

    Followed a step by step guide from YouTube changing the 3 files required but no joy.

    This mod could really use one. Rome AI is unfortunately quite mediocre.

    Playing as Athens I had Thebes refuse all my requests to become a protectorate even when down to one settlement and their armies destroyed. Even refused a ceasefire.

    Stupid AI stubbornly refuses so I just end up destroying them. Rather have most of the City States still around though for the Persian Invasion at least.

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    Default Force Diplomacy working with Hegemonia 4.1

    Ye so I seem to have gotten this to work along with the Background Script. I remembered I have another excellent mod called "Hannibal Ad Portas" which has Force Diplomacy and a Background Script. It actually runs on Alexander. I deleted all the references in the export_descr_advice to the years of the Hannibal mod (It runs from 218BC to 202BC on 12TPY).

    So far it's working fine all the money scripts, extra troops and 4 Turns Per Year script are all running. Just make a proposal to another faction click the question mark in the top right. Then click show me how in the top left. The Force Diplomacy text does NOT appear in the top left don't worry just click show me how and it the AI should be forced to accept.

    So here's the files and what you need to do with them. export_descr_advice - this goes in your hcs/data folder.
    export_advice - place this in your hcs/data/text folder.
    Force_Diplomacy - place this in your hcs/data/scripts/show me folder

    Please make sure you BACKUP the two export files first in case a mistake is made.

    Love this mod and the great work b0gia did with the v4.1 update so hopefully this can make the mod a lot more enjoyable for people especially forcing other factions to join your league when the AI is clearly beaten.
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