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Is it just me, or are the thureophoroi/machairaphoroi a bit... naked?

I mean, I get that they're not meant to be super-heavy infantry á la the thorakitai, but surely there should be more lithenorax-wearing troops within the unit? The majority of them are only armoured with a helmet and shield, which seems excessively light, given that they're meant to be suited to be line infantry?

Unless I'm completely misinterpreting their intended purpose here?
I think they are meant to be mobile troops, to cover the flanks of the actual line troops. In this case it was usually the phalanx that the diadochi used as their main battle line.

Look like actual line infantry (without been super heavy either) like the hoplitai have 7 armour and thats translates to all models having at least linothorax. So I guess the 4 from this two units does for a mix where some units have it and others not.

Thing is that the superior defense skill makes those lighter units be able to pair up agaisnt this kind of infantry (exactly the same total defence and simialr attack values too), just that they are more vulnerable to any non direct confrontation like missile fire or been flanked/charged. But the trade off is the precursor javelins and the extra mobility and hardiness (and in case of the machairaphoroi they even have ap which can give them the edge when engaging untis like the hoplitai that rely more on the armor).

I actually have a doubt now that arises. Do sword bearing units have any difference with spear bearing ones aside of the strict stats of the weapon we can see? I always had the impression in practice they dont work the same.