During the campaign - the first encounter the opponent throws archers on my riflemen and generals. He has 10 yari troops and does not move them until I kill his archers...
The second encounter, he attacks with the yari my riflemens and I encourage his troops to attack my general, I run him in the circle, they chase after the general and my shooters shoot at them.
The third encounter, the opponent attacks my fort, running his generals under my walls as his lancers are still far behind, descends from the horses and runs into the base under severe fire and collides on my swords.
The fourth encounter, at sea, the opponent's boats paddle in place (!) And they do not move.

I thought it was the setting's fault so I gave it the hardest one, but the effect was very similar. Without mod also.
The only difference was that during the attack of my fortress my opponent with 4k soldiers (and mine 1.4k) was massacred and escaped, with the mod I was massacred ... but it's the change in morale that does it not change in AI.

And what is enemy problem with this spam with hight army mainly Yari, almost from the start, this is like a zombie game with no hope to win, not strategic game. How NPC got money to keep them? Miraculously I will repel one opponent, the second one will come from the sea to me during next turn under my castle on the other side ...