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    Hey guys,

    So, I haven't had much luck triggering "Man of the Hour" as much in EBII as I remembered being able to do in EBI. In fact, in the years I've been playing, I don't think I've ever triggered it. I've looked pretty extensively through old M2TW forum posts and haven't been able to find an answer.

    From what I know, the requirements are at least:
    - win heroic victory
    - army has no general
    - total number of FMs < total number of settlements controlled

    (1) is there anything I'm missing in terms of requirements?

    (2) if I want to dig into the data files to manually increase the chance of promoting a captain to a general, which file is it, what variable is it, and is it savegame compatible?


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    In my experience, what matters the most is that you're low on fms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rad View Post
    In my experience, what matters the most is that you're low on fms.
    Just FMs, or FMs+generals? In EBII, you get ample opportunity to recruit generals as client rulers, and it seems to me that the man of the hour does not trigger as often as it should based on pure FM/regions ratio.

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    Those that are in the family tree, I believe. FMs, not clients. After a few tragic instances, I've been watching my fms carefully, so I haven'te had a shortage in quite some time - can't test it, sorry.

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    in my observations: any general, incl client-rulers. the facto of being in the family tree doesn't matter.

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    Just got one Man of the Hour event in a 17 turn Ptolemai campaign. It was a heroic battle and I was very low in FMs (two of them revolted early) and had a great amount of settlements (I'm testing some thing so I just went full blitz)

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    Thanks so much for all the responses, but does anyone also know which of the text documents sets the prerequisites for man of the hour triggering?

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    I always seemed to anecdotally find that man of the hours basically never happen in M2TW unless you're low on FMs. In RTW I had way more man of the hours, IIRC. It's really sad, because I've had lots of heroic victories in EBII using captains, but alas there have been VERY few man of the hours in my experience. I am not sure if we can do anything about it, but I really wish we could.

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